Alex Jones

I Know, I Shouldn’t Feed the Trolls, But…

So various Alex Jones disciples have been spamming me about a “controlled explosion” on Boylston Street, and how it’s evidence that the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag operation.

They’re all psychotic idiots. And Jones is big, doughy liar.

Their “evidence” is a tweet from the Boston Globe on Monday warning of a “controlled explosion.” In the throes of schizophrenic kneejerkery, the Jones followers, fueled by allegations from Jones himself, jumped to the conclusion that it was a pre-planned “controlled demolition,” not unlike their awful 9/11 conspiracy theory.

And they didn’t bother to check the time-stamp on the Boston Globe tweet indicating that the “controlled explosion” took place an hour AFTER the finish line bombs were detonated — not suspiciously before the tragedy. In other words, the bomb squad was detonating a suspected bomb as a precaution.


So, yes, Alex Jones lied to his people, and they all fell for it.

  • muselet

    Bob, you just don’t get it. The timestamp proves the Boston Globe is in on the conspiracy! It’s a coverup, I tells ya! A coverup!

    These people are tiresome.


    • Staci Bass

      Aw, hell, alopecia. If Obama’s deceased mother can go back in time and place a birth announcement over 40 years ago…

      • Lady Willpower

        And she can!

  • Ipecac

    What would be the point of a “controlled explosion” before a false flag operation? It doesn’t make any sense even as a conspiracy.

    • Bob Cesca

      Exactly. They’re all insane.

      • js hooper

        Hey Bob…Could you and the guys at the Daily Banter please write a piece on the grotesque attempt by Glenn Greenwald to exploit this tragedy and use it as an opportunity to spread anti-American sentiment.His latest article is disgusting with its implication that America deserved this attack because of U.S foreign policy( even though we don’t know who was behind the attack). He viciously attacked Americans in the comment section who where outraged by his insensitivity.He even attacked one woman who claimed she was from Boston. I always knew he was a supreme asshole with an agenda to push, but now I am convinced he is a sociopath.

        • Lady Willpower

          Oh js, you hush. Don’t you know Glenn is smarter and more sensitive than we are? Because even though we don’t know who’s responsible, you can rest assured that all of us Americans deserved it!

          Between Greenwald hoping it’s Islamists getting back at us for the EVULZ of our foreign policy, or Sirota hoping it’s a white guy so he can complain that inherent privilege means no profiling for whitey, I don’t know who to hate more.

          • muselet

            Why choose?


        • villemar

          Oh this doesn’t surprise me at all. Coincidently I recently posted about how Greenwald has follewed this very same playbook…two years ago, when he was at Salon, when the Oslo bombings had just started (July 2011) and before Brevik started shooting up that camp. Boy oh boy GG couldn’t write an article fast enough, just chock full of smug schadenfreude. Hey that’s what you should expect, Norway, you bloothirsy warmongering country. You are part of NATO, NATO is in Afghanistan killing brown babies for lulz, there you go. Not to mention those Norwiegan bloodthisty warmongers gave OHitlermba a Nobel in Oslo. Paybacks a bitch, innit? Of course, within hours, the Aspergarian updates came to a screeching halt once it was deternimed that the perpetrator did not fit his narrative; and that was the immediate end of that…he instantly pivoted right back to Baby Jesus Manning, Drones, NDAA, Hot Water Burn Baby, St. Al-Awlaki, etc.
          If it turns out it was a domestic right-wing terrorist who did this, of course he’ll just forget everything and insta-pivot back to his four or five core issues.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Neither does flying planes into towers you’ve already planted explosives in, but that hasn’t stopped the 9/11 Truthers.

  • trgahan

    I love the ultimate insinuation these idiots are making: The government is so evil, power hungry, and devious it spends massive amounts of time and money planning terrorist attacks on its own people to trick us into supporting civil liberty restrictions. BUT they execute these grand plans SOOOOO poorly that a couple of basement dwellers taking a break from surfing porn can expose the whole conspiracy with a few mouse clicks….AND this all power devious government is suddenly powerless against a couple of mouth breathers with wifi.

    • IrishGrrrl

      LOL, exactly. If the Government is so good at it, how come basement trolls like them can figure it out?

    • D_C_Wilson

      Don’t you know? The government is plotting to kill Alex Jones in order to silence him. You can be sure it’s true because Jones makes that claim just about every week. They’re going to get around to it annnnny minute how.

      • trgahan

        The funding was probably cut due to the sequester. If Congress ever passes a new budget, they’ll get to it.

  • zirgar

    Juice Box Jones and his minions are some seriously stupid and repugnant creatures.