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Moment of Derp

You’re probably aware that Representative Paul Broun (R-GA) doesn’t support gay marriage because he’s “not going to marry one,” but did you also know he doesn’t support ending discrimination against transgender persons because he ‘doesn’t want a sex change?’

BROUN: I don’t want to pay for a sex change operation. I’m not interested. I like being a boy.

Broun is 66 years old. He likes being a boy. He doesn’t want a sex change. I’m glad we’ve cleared that up. Not that there would be anything wrong if he did.

  • SlapFat

    It’s been a while since you’ve used the “Cape Fear Laughing” clip. Glad to see it back, however unfortunate the reason is that it had to be brought out in the first place.

  • Bubble Genius

    Representative Broun seems to forget he’s supposed to be, um, *representing* his constituents, not just dealing with the minuscule pipe he’s allegedly swinging. Hint, Mister Broun – it’s in your official title, you FUCKING BACKWARD YAHOO.

  • muselet

    And to think, this man is a physician.


  • Nefercat


    Also, Mrs. Broun? She’s some lucky lady, isn’t she?