Energy Stupid Party Super Stupid

Moment of Derp

Why not end the week on a comedic note?

Maine Governor Paul LePage brings us the latest news.

The University of Maine, Presque Isle — anybody here been up there to see that damn windmill in the back yard? Guess what, if it’s not blowing wind outside and they have somebody visiting the campus, they have a little electric motor that turns the blades. I’m serious. They have an electric motor so they can show people that wind power works. Unbelievable. And that’s the government that you have here in the state of Maine.


It’s unbelievable because it isn’t true! The University of Maine at Preque Isle reportedly saved $100,000 after the installation of the wind turbine which, according to LePage, has a secret electric motor inside of it.

Wind turbines do have motors that generate electricity, but wind is what powers it. That’s the whole point.

Maine Governor Paul LePage (AP Photo)

Maine Governor Paul LePage (AP Photo)

  • Therese Hentz


  • Daigoro Ogami

    God, I wish these teabagging goobers would just go away. As Chez said in the podcast, let them all move to Texas and we can build a containment wall around the entire f-cking state.

  • Frederic Poag

    Here’s what blows me away. ;) is the fact the GOP isn’t rushing to embrace this technology. I don’t know how much money he receives from Big Oil, but surely they can get money from companies that create wind turbines. This should be a no brainer for the GOP. It saves on costs, it’s good for the environment, and the products can be made right here at home.

    I know I’m using logic but seriously come on. Saving money isn’t a partisan issue or it shouldn’t be. It’s the essence of freaking Capitalism!

    • Clecinosu

      New acronym needed: IOMSIYAR. “It only makes sense if you’re a republican.”

      Or even better: IDMSUYAR: “It doesn’t make sense unless you’re a republican.”

      • Bob Rutledge

        How ’bout: SFRAS: “Stupid Fucking Republicans Are Stupid”

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    Bet it never occurred to the Guv that on a calm day, most folks wouldn’t expect to see a windmill turn. Does he also believe that fluttering tree leaves create The Breeze?

  • 1933john

    Even has the appearance of a Dip-Shit.