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Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist McConnell Planned to Exploit Judd’s Mental Health

My Wednesday column and the irony of a paranoiac attacking an opponent’s mental health issues:

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest David Corn scoop for Mother Jones in which he acquired a clandestinely recorded audio file of a Mitch McConnell re-election strategy meeting regarding Ashley Judd’s potential candidacy for Senate (she’s since declined to run). In the 12-minute recording from early February, McConnell aides discuss, among other things, the exploitation of Judd’s battle with depression.

So this would’ve been fair game for a man who’s the Minority Leader of the most prestigious lawmaking body, possibly in the entire world. He was plotting to attack and smear Judd because she suffered from a disease. Not only that, but they planned to use her mental health ordeal as a jumping-off point for caricaturing her as, in Corn’s words, “a weirdo.” How honorable. How respectable. How disgusting.

I’ll come back to the mental health attack presently.

Since the story broke, McConnell and the broader conservative entertainment complex rocketed into action with predictable tinfoil hat conspiracy-mongering and more than a little bit of projection, accusing Mother Jones and liberal operatives of wiretapping McConnell’s headquarters, with words like “Watergate” and “Nixon” attached to the accusations. [continue reading here]

  • Bubble Genius

    As a FB friend pointed out last night, it’s not even that they’re pigs, it’s that they were working on a Senator’s campaign strategy in his office, which is illegal.

  • mrbrink

    Yeah, the fact that Ashley Judd hadn’t even declared herself a candidate is key, because Mitch McConnell scheming and airing slanderous ads preemptively attacking her as a U.S. citizen is pretty frightening from a big government abuse-of-power standpoint. Total violation of her rights, and the only Nixonian likeness to be had has to do with Mitch McConnell using his office as a weapon to hurt Ashley Judd.

    • gescove

      You’ve given me hope for some sweet poetic and ironic justice.