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Sarah Palin’s Thatcher Tribute Was Entirely About Sarah Palin

My Tuesday column and Palin’s tribute to Margaret Thatcher herself.

Either Sarah Palin is seriously considering a return to electoral politics, or she’s satisfied with her continued role as a psychobomb lurking on the fringes of the discourse, occasionally popping off a new geyser of insanity every now and then just to see how everyone else, specifically liberals, will react. I suppose we could apply either motive to her eulogy of Margaret Thatcher in The National Review, titled “The Grocer’s Daughter,” but one thing’s for sure: it was a screed that was almost entirely about Palin herself than a tribute to Thatcher — not surprising given Palin’s notorious reputation as, among other things, a narcissistic self-promoter and national instigator.

In fact, the essay (clearly ghost-written) reads like one of those awkward confessions that begin with, “I have this, um, friend and, errr, no one understands me — I mean, my friend. Not me. Did I say ‘me?’” In just about every paragraph about the late former British Prime Minister, we could easily substitute the pronouns and proper names with Palin-specific names and pronouns. She was clearly using Thatcher’s death as a means of comparing herself to Thatcher for her own weirdo, grifter motives, which appear to include setting herself up to be The Next Thatcher. The Iron Punchline. The Chick-Fil-Lady. Put another way, Palin basically wrote that she and Thatcher are the same — look at all these examples! — therefore she deserves to be taken just as seriously.

Let’s break it down. [continue reading here]

  • nicole

    It surprises me that Palin has made a big deal over Thatcher since Thatcher snubbed Palin in the past.


    • D_C_Wilson

      Like Palin would ever let that get in the way of an opportunity to demand attention for herself.

  • muselet

    She was at heart a populist taking on the Conservative party’s old guard, who disdainfully referred to her as ‘That Woman.’ The disdain was mutual.

    If there was anything Margaret Thatcher was not, it’s a populist. However, Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter is correct that many in the Conservative Party disliked Thatcher quite a lot, though they did little more than grumble (the Tories won elections under her leadership, after all).

    As for Palin, it sounds to me like she’s trying to set up another long con, and in the pages of The National Review, no less (William F. Buckley Jr. must be spinning in his grave). I can hardly wait to see how she siphons cash out of Righties’ wallets this time.


  • Brutlyhonest

    Palin is so fucked up she makes people like thatcher almost likable.

  • drsquid

    My first boss knew Thatcher from Oxford. Didn’t like her way back then, either.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Today’s “conservatives” are the heroes of their own private mythology. Palin is the archetype.

  • zirgar

    “Look, I’m no fan of Margaret Thatcher, but history teaches us that she was a considerably more gifted and capable politician than Sarah Palin could ever hope to be. She never quit her post. She never had to write “tax cuts” on her hand or risk forgetting the conservative movement’s biggest policy position. She never exploited herself and her family in a string of self-parodying reality shows. She could probably name some of the newspapers she perused every day, and she would never tell a national television audience that she could handle the Soviets because she could see Russia from London. Thatcher would never embarrass herself by blurting out crap like “lamestream media” or by guzzling a Super Big Gulp like a shitkicking rube during a major address to conservative supporters.”

    Uh, word for word what I was going to say!

  • Nefercat

    Gosh, did I miss something? Where is Palin’s comparison of her alleged “communications” degree (five colleges in six years? or the other way around?) with Thatcher’s honors degree in chemistry from Oxford?

    I loathed Thatcher’s politics, but she was not a buffoon and a dolt, speckled with viciousness and rage and, sadly, equipped with a microphone and facebook account.

    Roast in hell, John McCain.

    • nicole

      PERFECT description of Palin.

      Personally, I’d like to see McCain roasted over a public spit on national television.