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Sequestration is Catching Up to the Economy

The jobless rate fell during the month of March to 7.6 percent, but this drop was mostly due to workers exiting the labor force all together while job growth was the weakest in nine months.

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Payrolls grew by 88,000 workers last month, the smallest in nine months, after a revised 268,000 gain in February that was higher than first estimated, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The median forecast of 87 economists surveyed by Bloomberg projected an advance of 190,000. The jobless rate fell to 7.6 percent from 7.7 percent.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency announced this week that it will begin notifying 17,000 employees on April 21st that they will be furloughed as a result of sequestration. This will be the first phase of furloughs the agency will implement through the Summer before reevaluating the need for additional furloughs in the Fall. And in total, the EPA will notify employees that may face as many as 13 days of furlough.

Similarly, the Federal Aviation Administration has notified almost all of its 47,000 employees that they will face up to 11 days without work or pay, while the 20,000 employees of the Federal court system may face 16 days of furlough. The Department of Housing and Urban development has also notified its employees that they can expect to endure 7 days of furlough.

ThinkProgress has a video roundup of local news coverage of sequestration that may hit closer to home for some.

President Obama introduced a budget proposal today that would replace sequestration with something less arbitrary that includes new tax revenue, but Speaker of the House John Boehner rejected the proposal within the hour.

  • Draxiar

    Just remember, John Boehner got 98% of what he wanted in this deal that brought the sequestration on.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      And he’ll pass the blame on to Obama and the Democrats, the fucking ratbag.

  • IrishGrrrl

    “…but Speaker of the House John Boehner rejected the proposal within the hour”

    Did you note the follow up question at the end of that article–Will Obama regret offering to cut Social Security?

    No one questioning why the GOP are being such dicks or holding them accountable. Or discussing the proposal or pointing out how the Sequestration is hurting us all. Nope. Just the media once again speculating on the political aspects of the story and focusing on how the Pres might have “messed up” in their minds.

    • JMAshby

      It’s the gold standard “liberal media” narrative.

      • IrishGrrrl

        I don’t understand. Are you saying I am using the accusation of “liberal media” against the press? Or are you saying that the liberal media isn’t all that liberal? Which is what I believe. I believe that MSM in this country have completely lost their way in an attempt at “fairness” and the “both sides do it” trap it creates.

        • JMAshby

          Give me some credit here. Of course I’m implying the latter.

          They love a good chance to crap on the president. Can’t pass it up

          • IrishGrrrl

            Sorry. Mea culpa

    • D_C_Wilson

      Being a republican means it’s always some liberal’s fault.

      Remember, nothing makes the beltway villages moist faster than bipartisanship. And by bipartisanship, they mean giving the republicans everything they want in exchange for nothing.

      What incentive does Boner have to deal? The villagers will give him cover and so long as he’s tying up the Kenyan Usurper ™, he can keep the teabaggers off his back. The minute he deals, they’ll be calling him a traitor and a RINO. His number one priority right now is to prevent the gerrymandered members of his caucus from facing primary challenges.

      Bipartisanship is only for democrats.

    • Frederic Poag

      Go over to the Huffington Post. The story about the Chained CPI shit has a headline of Obama: “Compromiser in Chief”. 20,000 posts on that article. And then there’s another about Obama suppossedly caving, and then one by Bernie Sanders calling the President out. How many about Boehner and his rejection? Zero. None. Not one. Oh of course there’s an update in the Compromiser in Chief article, but that’s it.

      Liberal Media my ass. This is why we lose. And the dumbass peanut gallery at Huffpo lap it up like the idiots they are. I haven’t posted there in years and I never will again.