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Artist – Pat Bagley

I highly recommend reading the Center on Budget and Policy Priority’s analysis of President Obama’s budget here. Particularly the part concerning Social Security. Their analysis details an accompanying increase in benefits for average recipients, a larger increase for low wage earners, and an exemption for means-tested programs.

That’s not to say “Yeehaw chained CPI is awesome!” but clearly the terms of the debate have been overblown and there are far more important things included in the budget than 0.25% slower growth for Joe Biden. Universal pre-K and tens of billions of dollars for infrastructure seem far more important to me.

The Center for American Progress has details on the president’s proposal for education here.

  • missliberties

    This seems like a wise analysis coming from Ron Brownstein. Especially realizing that older white seniors voted mostly for Mitt Romney.

    Can the hard left please just take a breath. It is the same voices that have bashed Obama since he was elected, finally seeing the fullfiment of bias, when someone said chained CPI they screamed cuts, cuts to social security!!!!!!!! This has given these folks the excuse to spew their viiteperative bile and venom with a prolific vengeance, as they pretend to hold some moral highground insulting everyone that ever ‘clapped’ too loudly for Obama. The raw hatred and meanness is really rank. These are the kind of liberals that give liberals a bad name, and the reason, or should I say excuse, for Breitbart to paint the left as smug overbearing bullies.

    But the politics and the policy of Obama’s budget seem sound.

    This should put some fear in the GOPer’s hearts.

    Obama’s fiscal proposal aligns him with the politics of minority, millennial, and college-educated voters.

    “For Democrats, the reflexive resistance to entitlement reform is
    questionable not only economically but also politically. By prioritizing
    entitlements over discretionary spending, they are favoring the
    predominantly white senior population, which cast about three-fifths of
    its votes for Republicans in last year’s presidential and congressional
    elections, over the diverse millennial generation, which voted about
    three-fifths Democratic on both fronts. “Obama is ahead of his party on
    the future of the coalition,” Rosenberg says. The president’s budget
    could threaten congressional Democrats in the 2014 election if
    Republicans, obscuring their own Medicare and Medicaid plans, rally
    seniors against his entitlement proposals, as some GOP House leaders
    have already signaled. But Obama’s positioning could help Democrats
    deepen their grip on millennials, who will approach one-third of
    eligible voters by 2016.”

    • nellcote

      The EmoLeft reinforcing gop memes re: cutting SS is just about the stupidest political move they’ve made yet. If it works against the dems in 2014, no doubt they’ll blame PBO.

      • missliberties

        Well in a weird way, it actually exposes them as the Obama haters that they are.

        Not sure about elected dems, etc. But they need to get this message right, because the reality is by offering ‘cuts to entitlements’ first, Obama has backed the GOP into a corner of being the obstructionist hypocrits that they really are.

  • tangles

    Thank you, JM. It’s refreshing to see another blogger finally understand the damn thing. The hair-on-fire, “Obama’s a Monster”! ignorance, especially on the left has been nauseating.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      I was going to use the same ‘hair-on-fire’ phrase to describe the overreaction during the past week.