The House Democrats Who Are Still Against Marriage Equality

I noticed John Barrow, who’s also an NRA whore, at the top of this list from The Hill:

Nine Democrats who voted in 2011 to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act that denies federal benefits to gay couples haven’t publicly changed their positions: Reps. John Barrow (Ga.), Sanford Bishop (Ga.), Henry Cuellar (Texas), Gene Green (Texas), Dan Lipinski (Ill.), Jim Matheson (Utah), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Collin Peterson (Minn.) and Nick Rahall (W.Va.).

Another two freshmen Democrats voiced opposition to same-sex marriage during their 2012 campaigns: Reps. Bill Enyart (Ill.) and Pete Gallego (Texas).

The nine Democrats who haven’t taken a definitive position on gay marriage are Reps. Jim Costa (Calif.), Ron Kind (Wis.), Cedric Richmond (La.), Kurt Schrader (Ore.), David Scott (Ga.), Terry Sewell (Ala.), Bennie Thompson (Miss.), Pete Visclosky (Ind.) and freshman Filemon Vela (Texas).

When people (you know who) screech endlessly about the president betraying liberalism, I wonder if they’ve ever taken a good look at Congress with the same outrage. There are Democrats in both the House and the Senate who are not only against LGBT rights, but they’re also anti-choice, anti-gun control, pro-Citizens United, etc. And they keep getting re-elected.

  • r_dale

    Jim Matheson is likewise an NRA whore, and a republican in all but name. He has consistently voted against the Democratic party, which is the only way he retains his seat in Utah. I always say he has a constituency of exactly one: Jim Matheson. He’s one of the last holdouts of the detested “blue dog” Democrats; the only reason I’ve ever held my nose and voted for him is that the candidates the GOP puts up in Utah are just so, so, so very awful.

  • nicole

    “they keep getting re-elected”

    Notice that most are from Southern states. I would imagine that they are re-elected because they are a better choice than a Republican in one or more areas of concern.