The New Least Popular Senator in the Country

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been displaced as the least popular senator in the country by Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona whose recent blunders haven’t done him any favors.

How did Jeff Flake become the worst of the worst in just three months?

He disrespected the victims of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting with impersonal letters and claimed that he supported expanded background checks before ultimately siding against background checks.

From Public Policy Polling:

70% of Arizona voters support background checks to only 26% who are opposed to them. That includes 92/6 favor from Democrats, 71/24 from independents, and 50/44 from Republicans. 52% of voters say they’re less likely to support Flake in a future election because of this vote, compared to only 19% who say they’re more likely to. Additionally voters say by a 21 point margin, 45/24, that they trust senior colleague John McCain more than Flake when it comes to gun issues.

It’s great that there is a tangible amount of backlash in public opinion towards congressmen and women who sided against expanded background checks, but the question remains — how long will it last?

  • Christopher Foxx

    but the question remains — how long will it last?

    Two weeks.


  • trgahan

    Unfortunately, he was already elected to office for the next 6 years. He doesn’t have to be popular (or even care about his constituents), just vote how he is told to by the powers that be in far right wing of his party.

    If he’s a good little operative, er senator, I am sure there is a six figure lobby/think tank job waiting for him.