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When George Soros Speaks, Capitalism Listens

Because Socialism! or something.

J.C. Penney shares finished up 11.6% Friday following news late Thursday that hedge fund mogul George Soros has taken a large stake in the retailer, and a report from CNBC Friday afternoon that Goldman Sachs has secured $1.75 billion in financing for the company.

Stock surging? That’s not how an anti-American socialist is supposed to act! George Soros is trying to destroy capitalism from within! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Signed, Wingnuts.

  • muselet

    So George Soros invests in J.C. Penney and the commenters at the CNN Money link argue simultaneously that: (a) Soros is a socialist who hates capitalism and (b) Soros will make a huge profit from his investment.

    How are these people not bewildered by doorknobs?


    • KanaW

      alo, you owe me a computer screen wipedown after that last line.
      Brilliance x 10!