George W. Bush Open Thread

Where The WMDs Aren’t


Artist – Jeff Darcy

In other news, the attorney general of Ohio has executed search warrants in Steubenville, Ohio in connection with the infamous rape case to determine if other laws were broken. This one isn’t over by a longshot.

Also — Todd Akin says he has relived his “legitimate rape” comments numerous times. Don’t you feel sorry for him? It’s not as if his words caused rape survivors to relive the truly horrible events of their own lives.

  • Curtis Robert Tyree

    The AG, DeWine, is a total ass who apparently knows nothing about the laws of Ohio. For one, he gave several of the kids immunity in the case, citing that they hadn’t broken any laws by recording and viewing a rape without reporting it….except that it is against the law. He’s a douche who’s only using the job to stroke his ego and press his myopic world view on the state. He’s also suing over the contraception mandate, even though no businesses or groups are asking him to. If anything, they’re telling him not to. I hope to god he loses this time around, we can’t have him fucking up our state anymore than it already is.

    • JozefAL

      But wasn’t the victim underage? In many states, there are laws that get teenagers arrested for “sexting” pics to each other because it’s considered “child pornography.”

  • Username1016

    Best. Typo. Ever. “Steubenvile” — amen, bro.

    • JMAshby

      Ha! You’re right. That may be more fitting.

      They gave the coach a contract extension and he knew about the rape.