IRS Scandal

A Brief Thing on Jon Stewart

Okay, yeah, the IRS scandal looks bad and the buck stops with the president. But anyone with a brain in his head and who doesn’t have an ax to grind knows that there’s no way the president could possibly micromanage two guys in the Cincinnati IRS office.

Jon Stewart spent his, what?, third consecutive night ripping the shit out the president. Last night, Stewart said Obama was either Nixon or Mr. Magoo. Nixon if he was involved, and Magoo if he wasn’t. Well that sounds fair.

Look, I know it’s important to maintain cred by occasionally kicking the president in the balls, but after three nights it’s really beginning to look obvious that you’re desperately doing it for cred and not for the patina of fairness.

  • Plantsmantx

    “Look at me, I’m not like those other liberals”.

    -Jon Stewart, political Uncle Tom

  • mrbrink

    None of it should be validated. The joke is on the typical reactionary.

    Anyone who validates any of these bullshit scandals with more than a passing nod is doing the heavy lifting for the very real scum sucking motherfuckers at the gates.

  • missliberties

    Jon Stewart has never liked democrats especially or President Obama. He voted for GHWB. He had an opportunity to help out the tea party or mock it after Glenn Becks 9/12 project and both he and Stephen Colbert chose to ‘not take a side’. That’s fine. But it has been obvious for a long time that Stewart isn’t all that fond of Obama’s style.

    • Obama Ismybestestfriend

      Don’t be a twit. He does things for laughs and satire and to point out the hypocrisy and absurdity of our times, culture and politics. How in the hell do you get the “obvious” notion that Stewart isn’t fond of Obama’s style? Any affront to dear leader is cause for excommunication and derision. Sheesh, Obots will be Obots I guess.

      • Victor_the_Crab

        I have a feeling Jon Stewart would not give a fucking shit about your opinion of him.

        • Obama Ismybestestfriend

          What opinion did I state with regard to Jon Stewart? The description I’ve given you is exactly what he’s described of himself in numerous interviews, but then of course that would make you informed, which of course you are not.
          Take a peek around 10:15:

          Holy shit you’re a moron.

          • Victor_the_Crab

            And you’re nothing but an ignorant right wing troll that doesn’t know what the fuck its talking about. If Jon Stewart knew anything about you, he’d quickly peg you as an ignorant low information wingnut that uses him to make your idiotic point about Obama being a terrible president. And I’ve watched every episode of The Daily Show to know he would NEVER share your political viewpoint and would tell you to go grow a fucking brain as only he could.

          • Obama Ismybestestfriend

            Here’s how stupid you are: I’m not a right winger but I am a troll. You still haven’t acknowledged how stupid your previous comment was and have simply doubled down on the stupid with this latest gibberish about how you “know” what Jon would think of me, simply by watching his show. Who is making assertions as to Jon’s opinion now? You are a very smart cookie, you. Thanks for all the good eats!

          • Victor_the_Crab

            What the fuck are you talking about, retard? You’ve not made any sense at all here. If you’ve ever taken the time to watch the Daily Show, then you wouldn’t be coming here to make a giant fool of yourself. Get help. And by that, I mean ask your mother if she would perform a retroactive abortion on you.

          • Obama Ismybestestfriend

            Keep feeding the troll dumbass. No wonder you’re an Obot, it suits your weak mind with it’s feeble attempts at talking down to me. This started with, …”it has been obvious for a long time that Stewart isn’t all that fond of Obama’s style.” Which I correctly pointed out to missliberties was absurd and she could never know unless she had some sort of proof; and you like a dumbfuck bumbled along and decided to try and teach me a lesson by muttering this imbecility; “I have a feeling Jon Stewart would not give a fucking shit about your opinion of him.” I provided video proof of my point and you provided the ever gob stopping and winning combination of, “I watch way more Daily Show than you do.” So eloquent, so full of gravitas and, what’s the word, ah yes, proof, of which you lack. So it really begs the question: what the fuck are you talking about? I think it’s time for your cookies and milk. Now run along and go beddy bye, moron. Btw, how can I make a fool of myself on a blog, where I am anonymous? The stupid it not only burns but occasionally if farts up some stupid comment accompanied with a wiff of putrid crab.

          • Obama Ismybestestfriend

            Btw, here’s my favorite comment on the Huffington Post regarding Cesca’s newest post: “I know. Couldn’t agree more. The man really needs help. There’s just no explanation for this level of cheerleading. It’s truly novel. I’ve never seen anything like this. And then he wonders why he’s not asked for his opinion in progressive circles. It’s sad really.” Absolutely perfect. Now back to your regular programming…GIMME AN O! GIMME A……….

          • Victor_the_Crab

            Whatever, retarded graduate of the Sara Palin School of Stupidthought. It’s obvious you’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with me and can’t seem to let go, so I’ll leave it at that. I suggest you find a new hobby, like petting rattlesnakes. It would help us a lot.

          • Obama Ismybestestfriend

            I’m a troll moron, I’m supposed to do this but you keep feeding me lots of yummy noms noms. Keep it up smart guy. Try not to trip over yourself picking more sad sack insults about how right wingy I am, unless that’s all your feeble mind is capable of, of course. Good day, precious.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Stewart made it clear in 2004 that he voted for Kerry.

      His only problem is that he’s a captive of the “both sides” meme. He has to maintain the illusion that both sides are equally guilty, no matter how much he has to exaggerate the Democrats’ missteps.

  • pizzmoe

    It does seem like he’s doing it for “balance”. But don’t leave out the best part about Rummy and Dick.

  • Obama Ismybestestfriend

    Yeah Obama is never, ever wrong, or craven, or weak, or stupid, or criminal. He’s just the bestest, goodest thing ever, ever, ever. This administration has never ever done anything but be the golden halo of purity and rectitude (I’m looking at you Plan B and signature strikes) and never, ever used craven political pandering, triangulation or any other such thing that would make just like all other politicians, a calculating, self-serving liar that only has his career and legacy to struggle with. But Cesca keeps reeling you dolts in with ridiculous obsequious ravings in order to keep this sad sack of a site going. Holy shit you people are stupid and ignorant. If you had guns like the tea party I’d be scared to death for your progeny and neighbors. Btw, the Alyson Chadwick article is spot on, but the only thing you morons could write about (I’m looking at you Villemar) was how it can’t be Obama’s doing, it just can’t. So take it back. Now I’m going to make my pouty face since you sad a mean thing to my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Suckers.

    • i_a_c

      NOT BREAKING: Politicians play politics; purity trolls outraged. More at 10.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Oh look. A troll visits to call everyone here names and congratulate himself for putting us libtards in place.

      Everyone act sufficiently chastened.

      • Obama Ismybestestfriend

        Glad to see you know your place.

        • Victor_the_Crab

          Yours is down the toilet.

          • Obama Ismybestestfriend

            Teh heh, another good one crabby, you are a very special snow flake. Very. Special.

          • Victor_the_Crab

            And you’re just a sad, pathetic, and desperate loser.

  • LuluForever

    Here’s what galls me most about Stewart. He originally became
    famous by hilariously and righteously going after Fox-type media for its
    silliness, hyperbole, and distorting the truth. But then, starting with ACORN,
    he turned around and used the reporting of the same media (hello FOX) he’d
    ridiculed to help destroy a wonderful organization. I stopped watching him after the whole ACORN thing, when he got sucked in by O’Keefe. ACORN was destroyed, and Stewart
    proved himself to be a ranting hypocrite. He’s doing the same with Pres. Obama.
    I despise him, now.

    • Obama Ismybestestfriend

      Yes Jon Stewart, overlord of everything, destroyed ACORN. And lest we forget, the Obama adminstration is a queasy mix of weak bitches when it comes to race and the poor so whatever help they could have given ACORN the withheld for poitical reasons; it was the Obama administration that immediately called for Shirley Sherrod’s resignation, when that scandal broke, without getting all the facts. You people are priceless.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Then you must have missed it several months afterwards when Stewart was talking about O’Keefe’s arrest in New Orleans for trying to wiretap the phone of a Democratic congresswoman, and then showed clips of people praising O’Keefe “reporting” of ACORN and criticizing the media for not “doing their homework” – the last one being Stewart hystericaly critical of the media which was followed by Stewart in real time, embarassed for being taken in by O’Keefe’s slimy actions.

  • Sean L

    Strongly agree. There are things the Daily Show is very good at (finding archived footage of public figures – usually conservatives – contradicting themselves, creating interview situations where people with ridiculous beliefs make themselves look foolish, etc.) and there are things it is terrible at. Understanding or explaining complex ideas falls in the second category. Instead of jumping on the “wow what a bad week the white house is having” bandwagon they could have deconstructed the idiocy of the media and how empty most of these stories are, but I guess it’s easier to show sound bites of Carney getting picked on. Just like his mockery of the trillion dollar coin, the show’s willful ignorance in pursuit of the easy joke makes it feel much less relevant and like a witty version of CNN, which is so much less than it could be. One more reason why Colbert always gets watched while the Daily Show piles up on our DVR.

  • Buffee

    I use to watch “Stew-Beef” religiously…Not anymore! He gets on my last nerve with his ridiculous “both sides” bullshit. I pop in on his show every now and again and see that he’s still doing it. I guess his ratings are tanking and we all know if you just say…OBAMA followed by you know…words, well that’s all that’s needed. Jon Stewart has become a joke and a big ASSHAT CLOWN to boot.

  • Frederic Poag

    Just remember Jon Stewart is a comedian first and foremost. Sometimes the jokes hit and sometimes they don’t. He’s in character just like Colbert or Shawn Hannity.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Thank you for pointing that out, Frederic. More often than not, Jon Stewart is bang on in pointing out the insanity that goes on in Washington and across America – and in correctly stating that, nine times out of ten, the root cause of this comes from the Republicans and their right wing media complex. But he’s not right 100 percent of the time, and when he is wrong, he’ll come out and admit it.

      And besides, anyone who calls Stewart an Obama basher clearly did not see the look in his face and hear the tone of his voice this past week to know he’s upset by this, and not gleefully tearing a new one into the president.

  • evelyn ellis

    Well thank you very much. I thought it was me. Jon Stewart has been bashing the president for a long time now. He has really shifted, and I have given up on him. Colbert is much funnier and a heck of a lot fairer.

    • Buffee

      No, it’s not just you. I just can’t watch him anymore. It’s Colbert only for me now. I can’t stand Jon Stewart anymore!

    • missliberties

      I quit watching Stewart a long time ago.

      When he explained the method/emo behind his ‘comedy’ it sounded ridiculous vague, elitist and snobby. Other than that he spends a lot of time watching Fox News.

  • js hooper

    Stewart has the same trait as many of the firebaggers and teabaggers have. It doesn’t matter if what they are saying about the president is complete bullshit. All that matters is that they are beating up on him and getting their shots in. Anyone who calls them out on their bullshit will get branded and dismissed as an O-bot.

    Imo if the most important thing for you is to latch on to ANY issue and use it as a vehicle to attack Obama with, then you shouldn’t be viewed as an honest critic.You’re not holding people accountable, you’re just a hater.

  • js hooper

    Jon Stewart has always had an obsessive disrespect for Pres. Obama. He’s extremely annoying and will always fall on the side of Obama bashing even when the situation doesn’t warrant it.

    Stewart’s resentment and disrespect of Obama is brought in to focus when you pay attention to his unusual fondness for Ron Paul.

    Stewart is “one of those” types of liberal.Stewart isn’t even in the same universe as Colbert.

  • Razor

    Stewart consistently takes the bait… he acted like Solyndra was *the thing* years ago.

  • zirgar

    I have no way of knowing this for certain, but I don’t think Stewart is doing this to seem fair and balanced, I think he really is upset over it, and I don’t know why, since it’s a completely innocuous “scandal.” Still, congress may vote to defund the president and get him shut down over it. I just hope James O’Keefe doesn’t have any damning video of what really happened…

    • Christopher Foxx

      I just hope James O’Keefe doesn’t have any damning video of what really happened.

      James O’Keefe has never had a video of something that really happened.

      • mrbrink

        Nice one. Kinky Reggae, Mon.

  • Nefercat

    I have been disappointed as well with Stewart’s coverage of the IRS issue. He is just hitting on all the shallow cheap laugh soundbites all the other lazy media people are yapping about.

    A couple of office workers in Cincinnati who used some search terms that mostly brought up applications from conservative groups is not a “scandal”, at least not a Presidential-level scandal.

    Lots of new applications, many from conservative groups, with murkiness as to how the current laws applied in the wake of the Citizens United decision. So yeah, they were going to be looked at more carefully. Isn’t that the IRS’s job?

    It would have been a scandal if those applications were denied based only on the criteria used to ask for more information. But they were not denied. They provided the additional information requested which after review indicated that their request for tax-exempt status should be approved. What exactly is the scandal? And how does a Bush appointee overseeing this make it the President’s fault?

  • Its Kismet Baby

    Thing is, I’ve thought about this about Stewart since Obama started in office, ever since Stewart went after him for Gitmo’s failure to close: never EVER stating that it was Congress that blocked it, including Progressive heroes like Sanders and Feingold. Stewart gets all this credit for being some comedic genius, but he hasn’t been funny for years. He’s seemed petty, like the POTUS personally pisses him off for some reason so he goes after him with petty means.

    Colbert is much funnier these days – and Colbert will go after POTUS when it warrents. When Colbert goes after Obama for some reason, it has more weight and resonance because it seems legit. But Colbert doesn’t go after Obama for things Obama has no fault in – unlike Stewart, so when Stewart goes after Obama – which is all the goddamn time, it’s like “Oh, this again.”.

  • Ipecac

    Completely agree. I love Jon Stewart and his (usually) reasoned outrage is something we need more of, but he’s going way overboard on this.