And It Just Keeps Happening

A gun in a kid’s backpack discharged, and no one was hurt but… there was a gun in a kid’s backpack and it discharged in a school.

Officials with Minneapolis Public Schools confirm that a gun went off at a grade school in north Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon shortly before school was dismissed, but no one was injured.

According to Rachel Hicks, director of media relations and public affairs, the shooting occurred at about 3 p.m. at Bethune Community School, located at 919 Emerson Avenue North.

Hicks said a gun in a grade school student’s backpack discharged, but she said the incident occurred outside of the school building and there were not many students around at the time.

But last week another kid wasn’t as lucky as the kids at the Bethune school:

A boy was shot in the leg at Redland Middle School in Homestead Friday afternoon after one of his classmates brought a gun to school in a backpack.

Police don’t yet know if the shooting was intentional and are still questioning the boy who brought the gun, said school district spokesman John Schuster.

Oh, and this happened, too:

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Tuesday charged a 15-year-old boy with aggravated battery with a firearm in Monday’s shooting of a 15-year-old girl outside a Pompano Beach apartment complex.

Detectives believe the victim, Jolessica Williams, and her niece were walking near N.W. 11th Circle and 18th Drive with two 15-year-old boys they knew, when one of the boys shot Williams in the chest.

Detectives later learned that the teen who fired allegedly threatened to shoot seconds before the gun went off.

(h/t Kush Arora Attorney at Law)
  • D_C_Wilson

    We toss kids out of school for having toenail clippers I their backpacks, but a gun? No problem!

  • David Stephenson

    Since the Broward County boy he indicated he was going to shoot before he fired, he’s covered under the “stand your ground” law, right? Another proud American exercising his Second amendment rights. Too bad about the girl. Maybe she was going to get an abortion.

  • nicole

    This is just fucking obscene and ridiculous.

    When the hell are people going to wake up and see the third world that America is rapidly becoming???