Do You Stand With Kelly?

Senator Marco Rubio would like for you to “stand with Kelly” because “liberals just can’t get over the fact” that expanded background checks were filibustered.


The petition reads:

Liberals just can’t get over the fact that their most recent attempt to restrict our Second Amendment rights was defeated soundly by the American people.

Since their big government message failed on its own merits, they will now try to defeat supporters of gun rights by spending millions on attack ads that distort the truth. Their next target is my friend, Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.

Outside groups are now pouring special interest money into New Hampshire to attack Senator Ayotte for supporting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

And this is very confusing considering that Senator Kelly Ayotte posted this herself three days ago.


Republican politicians who are feeling the heat would like to have it both ways.

  • Lady Willpower

    I don’t think we can describe it as “the American people” who defeated this bill.
    The vast majority of ordinary citizens are in favor of background checks.
    No, the assholes in elected office are the ones who defeated it.

    • nathkatun7

      “No, the assholes in elected office are the ones who defeated it.”

      And even more tellingly, Lady, Ayotte and Rubio were in the minority –41 Republicans and 4 Democrats. The majority (51 Dems. and 4 Repbs) of Senators –55 out of 100– supported background checks.

  • D_C_Wilson

    So, the “American People” defeated a measure supported by 90% of the American people? Only in the Bizarro World of the wingnuts.

    • Kennet

      If only we had Buffalo Wild Wing style controllers at home with which to vote. In a day and age where electronics are so readily available there is no reason for us to play democratic-republic any longer. ~ 270,000,000 over 30,000,000 (90% roughly) is astronomically more clear than 54 over 46.

  • Guest

    The savior, asking for money. How Christlike.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Did anyone else, besides me, read the first paragraph of that petition and immediatly screamed “BULL FUCKING SHIT, YOU ASSHOLE!!!”

    • nellcote


  • ranger11

    Macro is OK, it’s Marco who’s the asshole.

    • JMAshby


  • Ipecac

    Yes! Soundly defeated by the American People (a small minority of paranoid American people who are the pawns of a commercial business with fantastic lobbying power).

    • JozefAL

      Yeah. That was a really stupid comment, even coming from Rubio. I, for one, don’t remember getting the chance to vote on that matter. (I would love it if these right-wingers were as willing to call for “popular” votes on “gun rights” as quickly as they are with marriage equality. Why is it more important for me–as an ordinary voter–to have a say in whether two members of the same gender wish to marry than it is for me to have a say in whether my wife-beating, child-abusing, cigar-smoking, beer-swilling neighbor should be able to buy an AK-47? Oh well….Trying to figure out right-wingers can drive you really crazy at times. Best not to.)

      • nellcote

        By voting for PBO I voted on the matter in 2012 and my vote was NOT respected in the senate.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    By “the American People” he means “Republicans in the Senate.” Of course.

  • Kennet

    I might have defined my role as a “Homicide Prosecutor,” but instead I dick around in photoshop,