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Glenn Beck: Houston Airport Shooting A “Setup” Like the Reichstag fire

Glenn Beck thinks the would-be mass shooter turned suicide at the Houston airport was a set-up:

The far-right appears to be less and less interested in issues (or sloganeering about issues) and increasingly focused on out-conspiracy theorizing each other. And I’m captivated by how rapidly it’s bleeding into the Republican mainstream.

(via Oliver Willis)

  • SlapFat

    Glenn Beck inhabits his own world of fear and vampires:

  • muselet

    “These are the conclusions on which I base my facts.”

    If Glenn Beck were an honest man, he would admit that he has no “sources in law enforcement”; he might also admit he has no “team.” If Glenn Beck were an honest man, he would tell his audience that the should not jump to conclusions. If Glenn Beck were an honest man, he would admit that he has no frelling idea why the Houston airport shooting happened.

    Glenn Beck is not an honest man.

    Beck is playing a very dangerous game. At least when he was on Fox News Channel, there was a little editorial control exerted by whatever passes for Standards & Practices there. Now, though, he’s free of those restraints and can spin whatever tale of intrigue he wants. Anything to sell his radio show and his internet TV show and his merchandise.

    I stand by my long-standing assertion that Glenn Beck is an actor, playing a character called “Glenn Beck.” I made fun of him back when he was playing “Glenn Beck” as a dollar-store Gene Scott, and it was no more than he deserved. However, he’s made another mid-career maneuver and has chosen to play “Glenn Beck” as a lunatic cult leader; worse, he’s playing the role with ease, indeed comfort. It’s as if this is the role he was born to play.

    By stirring up the rubes, Beck is running a terrible risk that one of the more suggestible members of his audience will decide to stop the dark powers Beck has told him are taking over.

    Irresponsible is the mildest word I can think of to describe what Glenn Beck is doing in that video.


  • mdblanche

    Would those sources Beck referred to be the voices in his head?

    • muselet

      It does sound like it, doesn’t it?