Go Rachel Maddow!

This is from Wednesday night, but just as worthy of posting. Rachel totally shamed ABC News and Jonathan Karl for the shoddy reporting and misleading link-bait that evidently “rocked the political world” a week ago today. This is a must watch.

  • muselet

    Rachel Maddow is a national treasure, for sure.

    One thing that’s bugged me this past week, though, is her coverage of the AP leak investigation. Every time she mentions it (and let’s be clear, when government investigates the press, it’s disturbing), she insists loudly that the Department of Justice didn’t go to a judge for a subpoena! Which is true as far as it goes, but DoJ did go to a grand jury. It’s not like DoJ just decided internally to go snooping around phone records.

    We all have our blind spots, and this is hers. It’s certainly not going to keep me from watching her show, especially when she’s one of the few willing to do press criticism with the emphasis on “press”.


  • Draxiar

    I’m just going to call her “Captain Fantastic” from now on.