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How Many More Disasters Before We Take This Crisis Seriously?

My Tuesday column:

As we observe the aftermath of the horrifying tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, I can’t help but to feel simultaneously crushed by the loss and brutally angry by the disease that likely produced it. For so many reasons, including personal experiences with similar tragedy, my heart goes out to the people of Oklahoma City as they struggle with the catastrophic, practically atomic destruction in their community.

Although it’s times like these when Americans invariably rise to the occasion and affirm our commitment to our national community. We always do. Americans, more often than not, stick together and help those who can’t help themselves, whether by the collective participation in government or by personal and immediate assistance. We’re good at it.

However, this is where I can’t help but to feel a powerful anger. I’m not supposed to write this yet but as I connect the scenes of horror in Oklahoma with so many other worsening weather-related disasters, I wonder if our American community will actually band together to cast aside ignorance and political intransigence to actually mitigate the disease, the climate crisis, instead of simply reacting to the aftermath of its symptoms.

Yes, dammit, when it comes to the increased frequency and severity of these kinds of storms we ought to be immediately asking serious questions of the people who, for decades, have not only resisted action on the climate crisis, but who’ve deliberately injected misinformation and conspiracy-mongering into the debate in order to finance their re-election campaigns, while pacifying our human self-indulgence and hubris. [continue reading here]

  • D_C_Wilson

    They’ll take it seriously the moment they can blame it on excessive regulation and taxes.

  • http://www.artisvaria.com/ Nanotyrnns

    It’s curious how these sorts of weather disasters can be viewed by some of my countryfolk as irrefutable proof of God’s wrath and anger over islamofascism/gay-marriage/socialism/background-checks-for-firearms/abortion/moar-gay-marriage/what-the-eff-ever, but they can’t possibly be the result or evidence of climate change.