Benghazi Comedy

Jon Stewart on the Big “if”

Jon Stewart revisits the summit of Bullshit Mountain and it’s beautiful.

  • Kevin Krupski

    Benghazi is 911 times 2356

    • Kennet

      That’s over 9000!

  • Ipecac

    And then he ruined it by doing a false equivalence story tonight. :-(

    Don’t get me wrong, the woman who used the N word is a douchebag, but none of the stuff he showed tonight even came close to the contemptuous, arrogant, hate-filled crap spewed by high-ranking conservatives nearly every day.

    • mdblanche

      Key words being “high ranking.” A couple of state party chairs and a local official are not the equivalent of half of Congress.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I don’t think a mountain is a big enough metaphor. We need to start talking about Bullshit Asteroid now.

    • Kennet

      A calumnity for the synturies.

  • Kennet

    10(((Breaking and Entering + Illegal Wiretaps)^Executive Overreach) + (Illegal Iran Arms Credits – Debits paid to Contra Death Squads)) ≈ benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI!