Jonathan Karl Rocks! Part 2

Josh Marshall is way more charitable towards Karl and his ABC News “bombshell” about the Benghazi emails:

Well, “I guarantee you Karl had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach when he saw that explanation,” says Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo. The truth is, “Karl pretty clearly got burned by his source,” and then he “seriously singed himself by making it really, really look like he was looking at the emails themselves when he wasn’t.” So, who burned him?

Marshall speculates that Karl’s source was “quite likely congressional staffers who were allowed to review the emails but not make copies,” and then “took notes which were misleading, either willfully or through wishful thinking.” He adds: “I don’t know for certain these were notes from a House Republican staffer, but it’s awfully likely.”

Karl deserved to have a sinking feeling because it was entirely his fault. He’s a reporter who printed bullshit from a likely GOP congressional staffer without verifying his information. That’s reprehensible and if I was his editor, I’d at least demote him for such shoddy reporting — coupled with his repackaging of old news and his misleading description of “warnings.”

  • D_C_Wilson

    Five words:

    Dan Rather. National Guard Memo.

    Update your resume, Karl.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I think Fox News has an opening for an up-and-cummer [sic] like Jonathan Karl.

  • i_a_c

    This is a symptom of the media frenzy to be the “first” to break a story that will “rock the political world,” in Karl’s words. Karl embarrassed himself and ABC news by regurgitating anonymous GOP “summaries” while lazily never bothering to verify his information. He brought a lot of this on himself by claiming he actually reviewed emails.

    Now the full Benghazi emails have been released, and they’re more benign than even I ever thought they could be. Jonathan Karl embarrassed himself and ABC News by releasing doctored information used to score political points. If he wanted to maintain an iota of integrity and avoid himself further egg on his face, he would out the source that gave him agenda-driven misinformation. But since access is oh-so-important to the very serious journalists, Karl would never want to jeopardize another chance in the future to release anonymous bullshit disguised as reporting.