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Ohio School District Attempting to Teach Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theories

Yes. Really.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio is challenging an Ohio school district for considering a “controversial issues policy” that would require teachers to encourage discussions about creationism and conservative conspiracy theories about U.N. Agenda 21. [...]

Teachers would have to provide equal weight to widely-accepted scientific theories like evolution and right-wing conspiracies advanced by Glenn Beck. Under the policy, students could not learn about sustainable development without also assessing the impact of U.N. Agenda 21, a series of non-binding U.N. recommendations for ensuring that economic growth does not undermine the environment, which conservatives believe will destroy American sovereignty and freedom. The Agenda was developed at a summit in Brazil in 1992 with support from President George H.W. Bush.

This is how Republicans win. They infiltrate at this level. Democrats and progressives would do well to counter-attack immediately.

  • John Zaffino

    I am so tired of this backward thinking nonsense. We have churches and temples to teach creationism. That’s where it belongs. As for Glen Beck’s ridiculous theories, they should not be discussed in polite company.

  • D_C_Wilson

    This is another backdoor creationism bill. Most of the other stuff is just there as a distraction. It’s all about sneaking creationism into the schools.

  • Lady Willpower

    This will never happen. They’re only “considering” it.
    Fingers crossed.

  • trgahan

    Education has always been the greatest enemy of conservatism.

    I have friends who have been in public education long enough to report a significant and sharp rightward swing in school boards and any elected public school district administrative position. The positions are either right wing zealots conned into thinking they are locked in the final battle with “those evil liberals” or selfish dickbags who just want to destroy public education to lower their property taxes.

  • muselet

    I’m very tired of school boards made up of people who don’t actually value education.


    • JimmyAbra

      The are the same people who get into government because they hate government…I think I am catching on to them…Next thing they will get into health care…wait, I think they are already there…

      • Clecinosu

        Crisis Pregnancy Centers … oh, yeah, they’re there, all right.

  • JimmyAbra

    Wait…I thought that is what Home Schooling was for!

    • muselet

      Well, yes, but they feel they have to provide the … erm … benefits of homeschooling to kids whose parents don’t love them enough to teach them that The Flintstones was a documentary series.