Jonathan Karl Rocks!

Jonathan Karl reporting for ABC News:

News of the Obama Administration’s role in the extensive editing of CIA talking points on Benghazi rocked the political world last week and prompted a demand from Speaker of the House John Boehner for the release of all related White House emails, but it should not have been a revelation to the Speaker.

Yes, that’s right, Jonathan Karl referred to his own reporting as having “rocked the political world.” So Jonathan Karl thinks Jonathan Karl rocks.


I, on the other hand, think his Benghazi report was an abomination.

  • Robert Scalzi

    I never thought I would see Jake Tapper smelling like an aromatic Rose. Kudo’s Jake !!

  • muselet

    As nellcote says, the story turns out to be an exploding cigar for Jonathan Karl.

    I look forward to tonight’s ABC World News, especially the lead story in which Karl admits to having been played, names the source who leaked the altered emails to him, apologizes for misleading the nation and announces his immediate resignation on-air.

    I also look forward to timely confirmation votes for Gina McCarthy and Thomas Perez. Those are just as likely to happen.


  • nellcote

    Jake Tapper got a copy of the email from the WH and it shows that Karl’s emails were doctored with fake emphasis on the State Department and talking points. Villager on Villager pissiness ensues. Pass the popcorn.

  • muselet

    If Jonathan Karl had left that ridiculous end-zone dance out of his blog post, he would have been acting like a professional journalist.

    “Acting” as in, “I’m not a journalist, but I play one on TV.”