Republican Party

Rachel Maddow Destroys Republican Conspiracy Theorists

This is Maddow at her best. Here she exposes elected Republican members of Congress who are actively mainstreaming fringe conspiracy theories, including theories about Benghazi. It’s a must-watch:


  • muselet

    When Rachel Maddow goes after lunacy, she does so factually and comprehensively, and with admirable restraint. Yes, the entire 20 minutes was fairly dripping with sarcasm, but most of us would have been waving our arms around and raging by the 8:00 mark. Sincere thanks to the kindly Doc Maddow, as Charlie Pierce calls her, for being a voice of—and for—sanity.

    Incidentally, whoever comes up with the segment titles on the show is brilliant. “Concocting the Dots” is absolutely perfect.