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Rogues Gallery


Artist – Rob Tornoe

In other news, according to Fox, consensual sexual activity between two minors is “criminal behavior.”

You know what isn’t criminal? Kids shooting each other by accident because their parents left loaded guns laying around, apparently. Because Liberty.

You should follow Scott Keyes on Twitter who is at the NRA convention tweeting photos of crackpot memorabilia such as this gem:

A camouflaged, armored wheelchair encapsulates the Right quite well, doesn’t it?

  • Tony Lavely

    Who tied Neugent’s tie for him?

  • delosgatos

    The “imagine-no” line…

  • muselet

    From the BBC:

    “This is not a battle about gun rights,” [James] Porter told attendees on Friday, saying it was “a culture war”.

    “[You] here in this room are the fighters for freedom,” the Alabama lawyer added. “We are the protectors.”

    Something tells me things are going to get even uglier in the next few years.


    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      Agreed, but only if another Democrat is elected president.
      They are down to gerrymandering districts, blatant voter suppression, constant fear propaganda from their many right wing media outlets and using unprecedented amounts of dark money as they still lose ground with America’s changing demographic.
      To me it’s already ugly with their outright lies, anger, scare tactics and push polling. You’re probably right, they won’t go away quietly because they are deliberately misinformed, belligerent and unable to change.

  • Corebela

    For all those arm chair warriors out there.