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Science and an 18-year-old Student Win the Day

This is incredible. A student invented a transistor that will allow a battery to recharge in seconds.

An 18-year-old science student has made an astonishing breakthrough that will enable mobile phones and other batteries to be charged within seconds rather than the hours it takes today’s devices to power back up.

Saratoga, Calif. resident Eesha Khare made the breakthrough by creating a small supercapacitor that can fit inside a cell phone battery and enable ultra-fast electricity transfer and storage, delivering a full charge in 20-30 seconds instead of several hours.

The nano-tech device Khare created can supposedly withstand up to 100,000 charges, a 100-fold increase over current technology, and it’s flexible enough to be used in clothing or displays on any non-flat surface.

It could also one day be used in car batteries and charging stations not unlike those used by the Tesla Model S, which includes “supercharger” technology that promises to charge vehicles in 30 minutes or less.

“I’m in a daze,” Khare told CBS San Francisco after being honored among the three finalists at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix over the weekend. “I can’t believe this happened.”

Over 1,600 finalists from around the world competed in the science fair for a $75,000 scholarship grand prize awarded by Intel. Runners-up received $50,000 scholarships.

This is why I believe we’ll have Star Trek-level technology sooner than predicted. Sometimes this biggest breakthroughs happen when we least expect them — and from unexpected sources.

  • muselet

    Brava, Eesha Khare! Most impressive.

    If it turns out this technology can be mass-produced, it could change the world; even if it’s too expensive or doesn’t scale or has any of a thousand other possible problems, any technology company not interested in hiring her as soon as she graduates from Harvard deserves to go out of business.

    Geeky details on her project can be found here.


  • MrDHalen

    This is why you invest in your nation’s youth, because most new ideas and breakthroughs come from them.

  • D_C_Wilson


  • Draxiar