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Scott Walker’s Job Creation Agency Bought Football Tickets, Broke The Law

It’s common knowledge that Wisconsin has been at the bottom or near the bottom in the nation for job creation since 2011, but according to this report from the Associated Press, the job-creating agency Scott Walker oversaw the creation of has more or less been a complete failure.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A blistering audit released Wednesday said Gov. Scott Walker’s premiere job creation agency repeatedly broke state law in its first year of operation, failed to adequately track money it awarded for economic development projects and sometimes gave money to ineligible recipients.

Employees of the public-private entity also made unexplained purchases of University of Wisconsin football season tickets and iTunes gift cards, the far-reaching audit of the nearly two-year-old Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. found.

Other than purchasing football tickets and iTunes gift cards, how did the agency break the law?

It lacked invoices or other contractually required documentation showing authorized costs for seven of 29 grants reviewed, the audit said. Four contracts gave $906,000 total in tax credits for job creation and employee training that had already occurred, the audit said.

Twelve of 14 recipients of grant and loan contracts worth at least $100,000 did not submit verified financial statements as required by law, the audit found.

State law also requires WEDC’s board to verify the performance information reported by a sample of grant and loan recipients. The audit said no such review was done in the first 18 months of WEDC’s existence.

It also faulted WEDC for not including all the required information, and including some inaccurate information, in its annual report to the Legislature submitted in November 2012. It also did not clearly present information about the number of jobs created and retained as a result of its programs, the audit said.

This isn’t good news for the residents of Wisconsin but, on the other hand, state Republicans can now safely say “See? Government doesn’t work.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.pekoll James Pekoll

    And, of course, the same people who think scottie is working are crapping their cage over surplus funds in the UW system.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Gee, you mean there’s graft in the administration of the guy who turned Wisconsin into a subsidiary of Koch Industries? I’m shocked.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    As an Ohio State fan; that fact they purchased UW football tickets shows a disregard of common sense. Legalities aside..

  • ffakr

    I don’t want to help out Scottie here.. but the solution for organizations looking to purchase Apple software.. for a while.. was to purchase gift cards. Now you can order activation codes but at one time, when an employee wanted/needed software.. Apple was telling us to buy them a gift card. It was another example of Apple having no clue how businesses and schools actually operate.

    • D_C_Wilson

      But for iTunes?

  • Alex0001

    And I can point and say “See? Scott Walker doesn’t work.” to the surprising number of people I know who voted to keep him.