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I believe comprehensive immigration reform will eventually pass the Senate without the unconditional support of Marco Rubio who is triangulating for 2016, but I have zero confidence that it will pass the House.

House Republicans have already announced their intention to ditch comprehensive reform in favor of piecemeal legislation, but I don’t believe the total sum of their piecemeal approach will be equivalent to the Senate’s comprehensive bill. And I suspect that’s the point. It will be easier to water it down in small parts.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Rubio clearly wasn’t ready for prime time, but the GOP threw out in front because they needed a fresh face to sell the same stale ideas. His qualifications for that role were that 1) His Hispanic; 2) He’s relatively young; and 3) He’s Hispanic.People were talking about the importance of the Latino vote, so the GOP trumpeted him. “Hey! We’ve got a Latino, too!”

    The GOP has learned nothing. For all their talk about “outreach” to women and minorities, they still think all they need to do is give people the same shit but from a different. It’s the same folly we saw with Sarah Palin (Look! We’ve got a woman! And she’s hot!) and Bobby Jindal (Hey! We’ve got a dark-skinned guy to talk about volcano monitoring!). Both Sarah and Bobby were once hailed as the “new face of the GOP” and they quickly turned into punchlines. Rubio even followed the exact same trajectory that Jindal did: Tapped to give the State of the Union response, both gave comical performances that were widely panned in which no one remembers the substance of what either said.

    It’s kind of sad for Rubio. Maybe with a couple of years in Congress under his belt, he’d have made a better impression on the national stage. But the GOP’s desperation to have “outreach” beyond their base of rich old angry white Christian males, he got tossed to the wolves.

    He’ll probably still run for president and create a little buzz at first. Then he’ll fade into the background and be relegated to being an also-ran. Then the GOP will (shockingly) pick someone whiter than Wonderbread, like Paul Ryan.

    • trgahan

      Reminds me of the 2013 primary season last year when each GOP canidate would be trumpeted as “THE SAVIOR” and then end up canceling their campaign within two weeks.
      I won’t bother with my usual rant of the media’s obsession with the return of the GOP to power while total ignoring of what the Democratic Party can do to solidify their current gains. The GOP seems to get declared as “BACK” twice a year since 2006.

  • Michael Norris

    Actually, Rubio didn’t move from “savior” to “folly.” He moved from douche nozzle to douche bag. He is an idiot…

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Don’t you mean from douche bag to colostomy bag?

      • Michael Norris

        I can always count on you Victor to add the right touch to a comment. Funny…

        • Victor_the_Crab

          Thanks. ;)

  • zirgar

    Back when I was a car salesman in Virginia, our dealership had this kid named Kenny who used to wash our cars. He was slightly off; he would carry on conversations with his water hose and just laugh out loud hysterically. Rubio, in that National Review cover photo, reminds me of Kenny.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Rubio moving fairly quickly from “savior” to “folly” also requires you to accept the media’s claims that he was a savior or is now nothing but folly.

    Just because Time magazine plasters it on their cover doesn’t convince me it’s actually true.