The Latest Benghazi ‘Bombshell’ is Old News and Bad Reporting

My Monday column exposes the ABC News “cover-up” bombshell:

After a week in which the Republicans and Fox News Channel had eagerly anticipated a bombshell from the House Oversight Committee’s Benghazi hearings, essentially nothing new was revealed during the proceedings other than some of the whistleblowers were hoppin’ mad. But on Friday, ABC News reported that a State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, worked with the CIA to sculpt the wording of the CIA’s Benghazi talking points for Susan Rice’s September 16, 2012 TV appearances regarding what had happened and who might’ve been responsible.

Shock horror! Well, there it is: the cover-up I’ve been spammed about by right-wing conspiracy trolls for the last several days. Game over.



Other than the acquisition of a State Department memo (revised 12 times), nothing else in Jonathan Karl’s report is, you know, new information. How do we know this? [continue reading here]

  • mr spork

    I wish that Congress a decade ago had been as interested in investigating 9/11 as the present Congress is about investigating Benghazi.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Or the “slam dunk” evidence for WMDs in Iraq.