They’re Making Another ‘Killing Kennedy’ Movie?

There was already a documentary based on Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy book, but they’re also making a dramatic made-for-TV movie about the assassination — presumably since this November will mark 50 years since the tragedy. So I guess O’Reilly and company are scrambling to cash in.

Worse yet, they’ve cast Rob Lowe as JFK and what appears to be a tween girl as Jackie Kennedy. I like Rob Lowe’s work on The West Wing, but his movie-of-the-week performances have been campy and weird — see also his Drew Peterson portrayal. It’s one thing to portray a villain like Peterson as a cheeseball creepoid (which was actually kind of funny), but it’ll be uncomfortable and more than a little awkward if his Kennedy is anywhere near as over-the-top as his Drew Peterson given the president’s fate and the deadly ripple effects of his assassination.

And let’s hope it’s not as schlocky as the terrible Joel Surnow mini-series from a while back which was essentially a smear campaign against the Kennedys.

  • nellcote

    Assassinating the President seems to be a popular “entertainment” theme lately. As always it makes me nervous. ALL the assassinations are what I remember most vividly of the 60s.

  • Eric Wronsky

    Ginnifer Goodwin – the actress playing Jackie – is 35 years old. This would make her older than Jackie at the time of the assassination. Hardly a “tween.”

    • Christopher Foxx

      My thoughts exactly.