What Could Go Wrong?

Evidently, this is what could go wrong.

And high school employee in Aurora, Colorado, who is also a security guard, accidentally shot a student yesterday.

AURORA, Colo. – Aurora police are investigating an accidental shooting that happened in the parking lot of Rangeview High School and left one student injured Monday.

About an hour after school let out for the day, the student was getting a ride home from a school employee who also works a second job as an armed security officer, according to police. The employee was trying to put his gun into the glove box of the car when the weapon fired, hitting the student in the leg.

Obviously what we need is more guns on school grounds.

  • bphoon

    Not to jinx myself, but I’ve handled firearms since I was seven or eight, some fifty-some-odd years. To this date, I have yet to have an unintentional discharge from a weapon I’ve handled.

    Simple rule: Keep your goddamned finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire the weapon, idiot!

    • muselet

      Charlie Pierce this morning wondered: “By the way, was this guy putting the weapon in the glove box with a set of salad tongs?”

      Seems a fair question.


    • Brutlyhonest

      But, but he didn’t fire the weapon. The inanimate object fired itself. That’s the way the “news” is written now.

      • muselet

        Back when I were a lad, we were taught to avoid passive-voice constructions. Apparently, that’s not taught in J-school.


        • Brutlyhonest

          Silly boy. Active voice would be taking a side, and that is never allowed – even when there is only one side that is the truth.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Is this a good guy with a gun, or a bad guy with a gun? I’m confused.

    • muselet

      It’s a dumb guy with a gun (the category the NRA refuses to talk about).


      • Groundloop

        The only thing that stops a good, dumb guy with a gun, is body armor.