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A Response to Cenk Uygur on Greenwald, Snowden and the NSA

My Monday column:

As a rule, I don’t use this space for responding to criticisms of things I’ve written, but I’m going to make an exception today. Last week, Cenk Uygur posted a segment of his show, The Young Turks, in which he picked apart one of my recent articles about the Snowden NSA situation and I really can’t help but to respond to what Cenk and his partners said because I feel like my views were grossly misrepresented.

I’ve been on Cenk’s show many times and it would’ve been great to defend myself in person, but this will have to suffice.

Before I dive in, I’d like to reciprocate Cenk’s kind words. I, too, like Cenk and think he’s a smart guy — not to mention a compelling broadcaster. I’m grateful for his support and virtual-friendship over the years. So needless to say this won’t be a personal attack against Cenk. However, I intend to be as frank and vocal in defense of what I wrote as Cenk was in criticizing it.

Okay, here we go. [READ ON]