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GOP Excavation

Artist – Rob Rogers

In other news, a day after mocking his state legislature with an anal rape joke, Maine Governor Paul LePage has indicted that he may run for Congress because “it can’t be any worse in Washington than it is here.”

And why not? If Ted Cruz, Steve King, and Louie Gohmert can become members of Congress, why can’t Paul LePage?

Besides, nothing says ‘vote for me’ like ‘Washington can’t be any worse than my home state.’

As a man who threatened to move his office because the legislature didn’t like his placement of a television set, he would fit right in with the Crazy Caucus or, at the very least, the congressional daycare center.

  • Bob Rutledge

    Okay, I’ve obviously missed some news item about Jimmy Hoffa, because I’ve seen him referenced a shit-ton this week. What’s up?

    • muselet

      It’s not much of a story.

      Yet another tip came in about the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body:

      The latest tip about Hoffa’s remains came from reputed Mafia captain Tony Zerilli, who, through his lawyer, said Hoffa was buried beneath a concrete slab in a barn in Oakland Township, north of Detroit.

      The FBI ripped down the barn and excavated the field around where the barn was. No Jimmy Hoffa. The universe spins on.


    • mdblanche

      They did another search for his body this week. Still didn’t find anything.

    • Bob Rutledge

      Yeah, I figured it was along the lines of [cue: Chevy Chase voice] “Jimmy Hoffa is still dead!!!“.