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In other news, the tornado that struck El Reno, Oklahoma last week was the widest tornado ever recorded on earth at 2.6 miles wide. It packed winds of nearly 300 miles per hour.

I don’t think we’re ready for tornadoes that are nearly 3 miles wide. Imagine what the consequences could be of a tornado of this size and strength hitting a heavily-populated area.

More incredible details here.

  • blackdaug

    It almost did. If you look at that storm track, it ends on I-40. In another few miles, I-40 runs right through downtown OKC. I guess it damaged the airport which is south of 40 coming in to town.
    OKC is really spread out. Yukon (the town this tornado missed to the south) and Moore (the town the last tornado plowed through) are basically just contiguous suburbs.
    Both of these monsters started out in the countryside and headed into town…and both just happened to be born at angles that kept them over low populated areas while they were at their most intense..(except where Moore really got nailed at the tail end).
    What is different is how long these really big ones are staying on the ground. That damn thing looked like L.A. in “The Day after Tomorrow”. There were all kinds of smaller tornadoes circling around combining into one.
    They are getting bigger and lasting longer… climate change effects here…right..