George Zimmerman

Here’s Why George Zimmerman Will Be Convicted

This exchange with police:

Why did he follow Martin, a police officer asks.

“These assholes, they always get away,” Zimmerman answers.

The officer asks, “What’s behind that?”

“These people who victimize the neighborhood,” Zimmerman answers.

In Zimmerman’s angry mind, without trial or jury, even after he killed him and learned he was a 17-year-old who was legitimately staying in the complex, Martin was an asshole victimizing the neighborhood.

The officer gets a little defensive at this point. “There was an arrest a week ago,” he points out, though it is also a gentle reminder that Zimmerman’s fear might be a tad misplaced. He continues, skeptically. “How was he running?” Zimmerman describes it and the officer says, “Sounds like he was running to get away… you jumped out of car to see which way he was running? That’s not fear … it’s going to be a problem.”

Then Zimmerman whispers something. “What is that you whispered?” the officer asks. “Fucking what?”

“Punks,” Zimmerman says.

This time, the officer seems genuinely taken aback. “He wasn’t a fucking punk,” he responds.

Holy hell. I totally agree with John H. Richardson that this will likely be the reason he’s found guilty.

(h/t Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law)
  • Rudnicki

    Draxier what the FUCK did the Zimmerman affair have to do with so-called Assault Weapons you fucking moron shitbag?!!

  • ajweberman

    Just Black racism.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Yeah, he’s guilty. But I wouldn’t put money on him being found so by a jury. Remember the Rodney King verdict? In a place as loopey as Florida, they might just decide that Trayvon Martin was going to do no good anyways, so George Zimmerman did everyone a favor with the Stand Your Ground law to shield him.

    • D_C_Wilson

      His lawyers (abetted by Fox) are going with the “that black kid was probably guilty of something” defense, so all they’ll need is a couple of neo-confederates on the jury and he’ll be home free.

  • mr spork

    George Zimmerman is the “fucking punk”.

  • MRjonz

    Well, if they ever decide to remake “Taxi Driver,” Zimmerman’s a shoe-in for the lead.

  • Draxiar

    This also makes a good case for stricter gun regulations, background checks, and banning of assault weapons. Zimmerman was dead sure he knew what Treyvon Martin was up to…was absolutely convinced. So using the Stand Your Ground law he was able to put forth his brand of vigilante justice. Zimmerman thought he had the ability to weigh the situation and make a judgment. He was wrong and a kid is dead for it. How many more Zimmerman’s are out there under the same delusion believing they are good guys with a gun?