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House GOP Continues Beating That Dead Horse

This is a real thing that is happening.

House Republicans will vote on two separate bills this week, both of which contain language aimed at defunding ACORN. ACORN, as you know, died several years ago.

Struggling with the bad publicity and loss of federal funds, ACORN dissolved in early 2010. Just to be sure, however, Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) included this language in a government funding bill introduced on May 28 of this year: “None of the funds made available in this Act may be distributed to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or its subsidiaries or successors.”

Section 545 of a bill put forward the next day by Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) delves still deeper into faux certainty, extending the funding ban to “any prior appropriations Act.”

In fact, ACORN has no subsidiaries, because it has not existed for three years.

I think I’ll forgo the facepalms and just go with this:

  • mrbrink

    Okay, I just listened to the Derp song for over 9 hours and there’s no moptherfucking drum solo! What the hell, man? Rather anticlimactic finish if you ask my opinion. Started out strong for the first 7 hours, but after that, it just gets a little repetitive. Still, I feel like I should give it another try. Once more! Derp, derp, derp, derp d’derp…

    Best video ever!

    They’re just cutting and pasting that ACORN shit, now. I’ve seen several bills they’ve tinkered with and crapped out where that same line appears.

    They wrote part of a farm bill a couple months ago where they cut off funding for ACORN– not once– but TWICE! in the same goddamn bill!

    Ideological necrophiliacs. Fuck it. Bury it. Dig it up and fuck it again.

    • muselet

      So what you’re saying is that the Derp song was like those Grateful Dead concerts of legend. My standard joke was that the Dead started to play in concert just before the drugs kicked in and jammed until the drugs wore off enough that they could remember what they were playing and end the song.

      And while you could have been a little more delicate in your language—”Hello to the imagery! Very nice,” as Whistler said in a somewhat different context—you’re right, the Rs are ideological necrophiliacs.


      • Bob Rutledge

        Eh-hem. Some of us like the Dead, so just you be careful with yer own words, Sparky. ;)

        • muselet

          Hey, I did say it was a joke. And it would be very hard to argue that the band didn’t perform long, self-indulgent, jam-session–type concerts and do colossal amounts of drugs back in the day.

          Besides, I like the Grateful Dead—I defy anyone to claim “American Beauty” and “Workingman’s Dead” aren’t great albums. The band was terribly underrated by critics, and I’ve never understood how people who should know better can blithely dismiss Jerry Garcia as both a guitarist and singer.

          That’s a great e-card, by the way.


          • mrbrink

            I’ve now summoned the Dead. It’s like two coins to the ferryman for a slow trip down the river to dance with Hippy Jesus.

            “Birth Of The Dead” could find it’s way onto my deserted island rations crate.

          • muselet

            I suddenly find myself imagining Charon greeting Jerry Garcia and saying, “Nah, keep the coins, man. Grab that Gibson Les Paul and we’ll take the long way.”


  • Lady Willpower

    They are all fucking insane. It’s the only explanation.

  • zirgar

    A 10 hour derp song? Is this a Rand Paul filibuster set to music?

    • JMAshby

      I had Louie Gohmert’s rambling on the judiciary committee in mind.

      Something something asparagus.

  • Christopher Foxx

    And will the Democrats take advantage of this in any way by pointing out how stupid and un-serious the Republicans are being?

    Rhetorical question.

    • MrDHalen

      Why bother, the people don’t care.