Obamacare is Working

From the LA Times

A new report estimates that U.S. consumers who purchase their own health insurance saved $2.1 billion last year due to tougher rules in the federal healthcare law.

Thursday’s report by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that individual premiums would have been $1.9 billion higher in 2012 without the requirements in the federal Affordable Care Act. In addition, the nonprofit group said individual policyholders nationwide should receive $241 million in rebates this summer.

The Affordable Care Act saved those who purchase their own insurance $2.1 billion last year and, for those who are keeping track, the Republicans have voted to repeal it 37 times.

Why do the Republicans want to increase the cost of healthcare?

  • jimtowndem

    the republicans want the aca to go away because it loses the health care industry money. in an unregulated market they can charge whatever they want. if you think it is bad now, wait until poor people start getting subsidies to pay for their insurance. at that point there will be heads exploding everywhere.