Glenn Beck

Oh and This Happened

With everything going on in the news, I totally forgot to mention that Glenn Beck’s vocal cords are temporarily paralyzed somehow.

As someone who makes part of his living by talking into a microphone, vocal cords can be spastic, so I’m not going to laugh at poor Beck.

But didn’t he announce years ago that he was rapidly going blind? And didn’t he make a video in which he said a hemorrhoid surgery was horribly botched? I think Glenn Beck might be a little bit of a drama queen. Shocking, I know.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Or, karma may be slowly sinking its teeth into Beck.

  • Bob Rutledge

    So he did a silent ‘monologue’ using cue cards… does this mean his viewers can actually read?

    • Victor_the_Crab

      You’re giving them way too much credit for that one.

  • muselet

    When his Fox News ratings were falling like a stone, he also said at least once that he might not live to see the end of what he and his viewers had started. At the time, I (wrongly, as it turned out) predicted he’d be wheeled off his show on a gurney to give his act a big finish.

    He must be losing audience share again.


  • Mike_Norris

    He isn’t a drama queen–he just acts like one. In reality he is a narcissistic, manipulating, philandering, psychotic piece of shit. A guy who couldn’t hold a real job for five minutes. So instead he feeds off of the weak minds and stupidity of the right wing trolls who think he is a genius.

  • freakishlystrong

    Aaaaannndd, like all good teahadis, managed to spell “vocal cords” wrong.

    • Bubble Genius

      Welllllll, it’s sort of like “alright” at this point – so many people spell it incorrectly that it’s become kinda accepted. Sigh.

  • JMAshby

    Well there was that one time Ron Paul sponsored a bill to hire mercenaries.

  • Ipecac

    I’m NOT someone who makes a living speaking into a microphone, so if you’ll allow me…

    HA HA!

  • desertflower1

    There IS a God.