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Sen. Rand Paul Is… The Conduit!

On FOX News Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul said his position as Senate Imbecile is an all-powerful position that allows him to bridge the gap between overt racists and the Latino community, saying:

“I am the conduit between conservatives in the House who don’t want a lot of these things and more moderate people in the Senate who do want these things,” he said. “They’re going to have to come to me and they’re going to have to work with me to make the bill stronger if they want me to vote for it.”

For the record, Senator Rand Paul pretty much just wants to round up the ones we’ve got, build military bases on the border under the banner of the 1oth Amendment, and cut off “welfare for illegal immigrants” and call it “reform.”

Despite the fact that illegal immigrants, or undocumented workers, contribute billions to the U.S. economy every year, while contributing estimates of $15 billion a year through payroll taxes just to Social Security, while accounting for $300 billion in the current $2.7 trillion fund– Benefits that they’re very likely to never realize– they are the anchor baby noose around this country’s neck and the reason we can’t lower the corporate tax rate to zero and have a constitutional amendment that bans all abortions!

But Senator Rand Paul is… The Conduit!

You hear that, Sen. Marco Rubio? Your conduit services are no longer required for Republican outreach. All concerns and suggestions and Latino community relations will now be filtered through Rand Paul.

  • muselet

    New Oxford American Dictionary:

    conduit |ˈkänˌd(y)o͞oət, ˈkänd(w)ət| noun
    1 a channel for conveying water or other fluid

    Depending on the fluid, describing Rand Paul as a conduit could make some kind of sense.

    Calling him “Senate Imbecile” is being far too kind.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Senator Pubic Hair for a Weave Rand Paul… is THE CONDUIT! Worst. Superhero. EVAH!!!