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In other news, Senator Marco Rubio has come out hard against allowing immigrants with provisional legal status to participate in the Medicaid program because he is the party’s savior who will bridge the gap to Latino voters. Or something.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who is helping author so-called Gang of Eight legislation that includes a path to citizenship, opposed the idea of offering tax-subsidized care like Medicaid to undocumented immigrants or those with provisional status.

“We cannot be providing Obamacare subsidies to people who have been violating our immigration laws,” Rubio said on the Senate floor, as quoted by the Associated Press.

Obamacare subsidies have nothing to do with allowing immigrants to participate in Medicaid (which many of them are already paying taxes for), but Rubio has entered a phase wherein he will not pass up any opportunity to demagogue Obamacare.

Meanwhile, two forensic experts testified today that the voice heard screaming for help on 911 tapes was not George Zimmerman.

Two forensic experts testified today that they believe the voice of someone screaming for help moments before Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was shot dead belong to Martin and not to George Zimmerman, the man accused of murder in Martin’s death.

  • detroitsam

    What will it take for progressive/liberal talk show hosts to discuss the republicans who are trying to repeal/destroy the ACA who have also requested ACA money?

    You can’t expect the excuses in the corporate media to cover this story but what I just don’t get is why that this story is ignored by progressive media?

    Lee Fang Revealed: Letters From Republicans Seeking Obamacare Money. It’s the height of hypocrisy: They call for repeal of the law but plead for its dollars on behalf of constituents.

    Read more:

  • eljefejeff

    Rubio gave up, he knows he can’t win the presidency in 2016 and that no republican will so they may as well just compete for the primary and enjoy going down in history, even as a loser.