Open Thread Racism

Times Have Changed


Artist – Rob Tornoe

Congressional Republicans are apparently scared shitless by the idea of Obamacare being promoted during their favorite sports games.

Just imagining the conservative reaction if HHS were to purchase commercial air time during a Thanksgiving day football game makes me cackle maniacally.

  • JozefAL

    I know there’s no love lost between Wikileaks and the Obama Administration but I would love it if someone would reveal the health care plans all these right-wingers have and then compare them to what the average person has (either now or under “Obamacare”).
    We already know most of these connivers employed by the government (especially in the Halls of Congress) have health care plans (completely paid for by the American people, by the way) that the average person could only dream of ever having. But even the ones who work in the “private sector” have health care that the average person would never be able to get since THEIR “private” employers are the least bit interested in the employees’ well-being.

    • dbtheonly

      NewsCorp, that is, Fox “News” apparently has quite a generous & substantial health care plan.

      For me though; I want to see the specifics of “replace” in repeal & replace.

  • D_C_Wilson

    What really scares the GOP shitless is the idea that Obamacare may be successful despite their constant efforts to undermine it.