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Vince Vaughn Opens Up About His Support For Ron Paul

In the June 20th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, Brian Hiatt sits down for a quick Q&A with Vince Vaughn to talk about the movie, The Internship, and the unintentional hilarity ensues when the topic of his support for Ron Paul comes up.

It hasn’t been posted online, yet, but here’s the relevant excerpts:

Q: You supported Ron Paul in the last election. What’s it like being a Republican in Hollywood?

A: I don’t know. Look at your family, or your group of friends, right? Some people are more accepting of different ideas, and other people aren’t. But I’ve never considered myself a traditional party person. I really do like Ron Paul– I agree with him on most things.

Q: I heard you’re a fan of The Fountainhead. There was a movie in 1949– have you ever thought about getting involved with another one?

A: No– God, no. But I always thought it was interesting that the whole point of the book is that it’s about this architect who’s on a singular vision. And the DNA of making a movie is so different than that.

Q: One of the key jokes in the first episode of Entourage is E describing you as a “puffy motherfucker.” Did that piss you off?

A: I don’t even pay attention to it. When was this?

Several years ago.

A: I don’t have a reference point. I’ve watched a lot of shows, but nothing in particular.

Q: You’ve been married for three years, and your second kid is on the way. Are you still able to go out drinking with your buddies?

A: Yeah, I can still hang out with friends. There’s no law against that [laughs]. Maybe some people want to work on that.

Ah, yes. Some people are after your right to hang out with your buddies, and some people think that instituted discrimination is a states’ rights issue– while reducing the corporate tax rate to zero and deregulating industrial pollution and Wall Street gambling is a small price to pay for liberty and freedom and no more abortions! and some people are less accepting of these “different ideas.”

Vince Vaughn with Ron and Rand Paul

Ideas men: Vince Vaughn with Ron and Rand Paul.

Libertarians and Ron Paulites have made their bones promoting these “different ideas,” as though they’re not ugly remnants from the dust bin of history being regurgitated with more youth manipulation appeal.

I can’t help but think that Vince Vaughn’s comments about laws against hanging out with buddies, “maybe some people want to work on that,” is directed at everyone who doesn’t believe “freedom and liberty” is best left to the states.

What I find hilarious, though, is Hiatt’s interview tone. After hearing all of that Ron Paul/Fountainhead bullshit, he reached for an obscure line from a show that once called him a “puffy motherfucker.”

I like Vince Vauhgn. He makes me laugh. But I also don’t mind if he self-consciously looks into the mirror, now, and tries to smooth out some of that “puffy motherfucker.”

  • Lancelot Link

    A lot of people in the entertainment industry get paid big chunks of taxable income in a lump sum without withholding, so they pay taxes all at once; this makes one’s tax bill seem much larger than paying it over the course of a year. Also, a lot of them use drugs.

  • D_C_Wilson

    A shame Hiatt didn’t ask him about Paul’s racist newsletter. Was that one of the “different ideas” he likes?

  • muselet

    Nobody ever accused actors as a breed of being particularly bright.


    • beulahmo

      My impression too.
      “…And the DNA of making a movie is so different than that.” Huh?
      Geez, what a dumbass.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Once a puffy motherfucker, always a puffy motherfucker.

  • trgahan

    Funny how people who make more in three months work on a film set than 95 percent of the rest of the nation in 5 years of full time work seem to gravitate toward the faux-liberarianism of the Paul’s…..