Supreme Court Voter Suppression

Voter ID Coming to Alabama

In addition to Texas, the attorney general of Alabama is also moving up his plans to implement voter ID following today’s Supreme Court ruling.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange said this morning’s Supreme Court ruling was a major victory for Alabama and other states that had been subject to the preclearance requirement of the Voting Rights Act. [...]

Strange said, “Our initial conclusion is that Alabama is no longer subject to the pre-clearance requirements of Section 5.

Today’s ruling will pave the way for the state’s new photo voter ID law to be used in the June 2014 primaries without seeking federal approval, Strange said.

The good news is racism is over. Or so they tell me.

Can I just say that Luther Strange sounds like the name of a comic book villain?

  • roxsteady1

    As somone who was born in New Jersey and has never even been down South, let me just say that short of people actually being able to jump through the many hoops that will be put before them, what I’d really like to see is a mass exodus of people leaving these states and turing them into ghost towns which could actually strip them of a congressional member or 2.

    • OsborneInk

      If you wanted to clear the South of people, all you’d have to do is take away air conditioning.

  • Joe Villanova

    We are back to civil rights all over again.

  • OsborneInk

    Luther Strange is worth an entire blog post in his own right. Just to give you an idea of what a RW nutjob we’re talking about here, in 2006 he defeated George Wallace Jr (yes, son of THAT George Wallace) for the Lieutenant Governorship in the Republican primary, but went on to lose in the general. That was the last gasp of liberalism in Alabama. In 2010, Strange rode the teapublican wave to victory in a race for state Attorney General. He is now a coplaintiff with EWTN, the Catholic cable channel, challenging insurance coverage requirements for birth control under the ACA. He has famewhored on the IRS non-scandal, challenges Frank-Dodd without ever acknowledging his longtime role as a mortgage industry lobbyist, and of course has vowed to oppose any and all gun control legislation coming out of DC. “Right wing nutjob” barely begins to cover it with Luther Strange.