Supreme Court Voter Suppression

Voter ID Coming to Texas on Thursday

According to the Dallas Morning News, the state of Texas is moving swiftly to implement elements of a 2011 law that was blocked by the Department of Justice. An obstacle that was removed today by the Supreme Court.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has announced that starting Thursday, “Photo identification will now be required when voting in elections in Texas.”

Starting Thursday, Texas driver license offices will begin issuing photo IDs to anyone who don’t already have one. Under the 2011 state law creating one of the state’s most strict voter ID laws, the certificates are free and valid for six years. To qualify, an applicant must show U.S. citizenship and Texas residency. [...]

Voters only need that document if they lack a current Texas drivers license, personal ID card or concealed handgun license; U.S. passport or military ID or citizenship certificate with photo.

If you don’t have an otherwise acceptable form of ID, a concealed handgun permit will suffice. Because Texas.

  • Gloria Jeffers

    Well gosh, I see mixed emotions but the truth of the matter is, when that thing with the hanging chad came up it was found out that seasonal Floridians were voting twice because they were not showing their ID to show they were not true residents of Florida. Nuff said !!

    • Christopher Foxx

      No, Gloria, not nearly enough. If you’re going to try to dismiss any rebuttals you should at least get your facts straight.

      • Gloria Jeffers

        Uh, ok,

  • Fabius_Maximus

    “Starting Thursday, Texas driver license offices will begin issuing photo IDs to anyone who don’t already have one”

    So everyone gets a photo ID. Am I missing something here?

    • D_C_Wilson

      Depends on how many of those ID applications get mysteriously “lost” and/or delayed before the next election.

      • Fabius_Maximus

        Yeah, but you cannot predict that happening a lot.

    • blackdaug

      Yes…..quite a bit

      • Fabius_Maximus

        Enlighten me, please.

  • Zen Diesel
  • Christine Mitchell

    I am so angry!! They just couldn’t wait to put us back in our place, could they? How dare we elect a black president! How dare there be a black man in the white house! The gall of it all, for them to have to respect an intelligent black man. Voter ID laws, gerrymandering, now this. It just never ends. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhh.

  • i_a_c

    The rightwing Supreme Court couldn’t wait to welcome back Jim Crow to the United States. They ought to hold a ticker tape parade for him and blow fucking kisses at the slew of racist vote suppression legislation that is sure to emerge shortly.

  • trgahan

    And when it becomes apparent that it wasn’t illegal aliens voting that got Obama elected into the white house twice…then what?

    • Christopher Foxx

      It’s already apparent. Has been for a while.

      THAT is why they’re in such a rush to implement the voter blockage laws.

  • Zen Diesel

    Wow, that didn’t take long. Way to go Texas, excellent job.