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67 Wounded, 11 Dead In Chicago Gun Violence

Just since Wednesday, Chicago’s gun epidemic looks more like the international press release from war torn nations:

At least 67 people have been shot across the city since Wednesday afternoon this long holiday weekend, 11 fatally.

This is happening in America.

  • Chicken Hammer

    Wow! Maybe they should pass a law banning guns in Chicago. That should fix it.

  • Chachizel

    Damn…. heart breaking

  • muselet

    When the gun lickers can point to a drive-by knifing that leaves one dead and seven wounded, then and only then will I believe that guns aren’t qualitatively different from other weapons or potential weapons.


  • nicole

    For some reason…..probably because of the words “when will they ever learn”—I thought of this old song as I read this.

  • trgahan

    But the rebuttal will be “That is 67 of THOSE people. It is proof of how violent and uncivilized they are; therefore I need my gun to protect myself from them.”

    • muselet

      That’s part of the rebuttal. The other part is a twisted syllogism: “Chicago has gun control. Chicago has an epidemic of gun violence. Therefore, gun control leads to gun violence.”


      • D_C_Wilson

        You forgot to include a mention of “Chicago-style thuggery” and tie the violence to Obama.