Open Thread Racism

Born Black


Artist – Bill Day

In other news, one of the Zimmerman trial jurors has landed themselves a book deal. Will any of the money go to the Martins? Probably not.

Also — if you’re looking for a laugh, check this out.

The site includes a sample”‘budget journal” for McDonalds’ employees that offers a laughably inaccurate view of what it’s like to budget on a minimum wage job. Not only does the budget leave a spot open for “second job,” it also gives wholly unreasonable estimates for employees’ costs: $20 a month for health care, $0 for heating, and $600 a month for rent.

$20 for healthcare? When did they start serving hallucinogenic drugs at McDonald’s?

  • RenoRick

    I was thinking about a nationwide boycott of fast food in general. Since they don’t want to pay their employees a living wage, let’s hit them where it hurts. The only thing that wakes these selfish assholes up is to hit them in the wallet. If I owned a business, I wouldn’t want my employees to have to get a second job to live.

    • JMAshby

      I haven’t been to fast food in 1 year and 8 months now.

  • Username1016

    $20 a month for health care — let’s see, that’s a bottle of aspirin, a box of Bandaids, and maybe some vitamins? Oh, you have high blood pressure? Ain’t that just too bad.

    • Ipecac

      The bottle of aspirin is doubly efficient because it can also be used for birth control!

  • Felonious Grammar

    From the time I was seventeen until I was 21, I could afford my own apartments on the wages of a low-ranking enlisted person. At one time, I had five dollar electric bills and my home was never too warm or too cool.

    Now there isn’t a single county in the U.S. where a person working minimum wage can afford a one bedroom apartment.

    They’re robbing us. Economic rentiers are having us for lunch.

    • JMAshby

      This is something I like to point out from time to time. The cost of virtually everything is so much higher these days even accounting for inflation. I mean things that really matter like property, transportation, homes. If you haven’t been grandfathered into wealth or property, you are seriously shit outta luck in this country.

      I’m sympathetic to small local businesses, but how many of them only exist because their grandparents bought the property 70 years ago when it didn’t cost a penny?

      My old man for example, he’s been providing for himself and the family for nearly 40 years on a university education that cost so little at the time he didn’t even need to take out a loan.

      That’s not a bad thing. It’s wonderful. But things have changed so much. What took him four years at a university 40 years ago would take you 8 or 9 years today and it would cost you well over $100,000 at even a modest state university. Never mind a private school.

      I’m ranting. I need a beer.

      • trgahan

        I couldn’t agree more.

        The sharp rise in the cost of living across the US since the mid 1980’s is routinely ignored when pundits debate the economic conditions of the average American. At most, they try to blame Carter and the 1970’s inflation but the timelines tell a different story.
        Anyway we get lectured about our “poor economic decision making” when, in reality, there was no decision available to be made. The cost of the most basic daily needs have soared and not just in traditionally pricy zip codes. The only way for someone to cut the cost of something is to go into debit. And 2007 taught us all how that turns out if you happen to not be a multinational bank engaged in criminal market manipulation.

      • MrDHalen

        Amen Ashby!!

        America’s problem is not greed. Our problem is the “preservation of privilege”. Too many people would rather be fucked over by a rich person than join hands with someone they see as less than them. And that, is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Treading_Water

    If you look at the site, the budget is for a 2000/month net income. Before taxes, that’s about 24-2500 per month. Or 86 hours a week at minimum wage. Of course, McDonalds would never allow you to work overtime, so that’s 2 full time jobs plus a lemonade stand. Either that, or McDonalds is lobbying for a 15.00 per hour minimum wage.

    • D_C_Wilson

      The budget even includes a line for your second job!

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I may start going back to McDonald’s if they DO serve hallucinogenic drugs. 8D