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Colbert on Minimum Wage and McDonald’s

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but here’s Stephen Colbert skewering Charles Koch and McDonalds.

Look at our nation’s forefathers. Many arrived with nothing but the blouse on their back, but thanks to no minimum wage, they started a booming cotton industry.

The instructional videos produced by McDonald’s are horrific.

  • Claude Weaver

    How much did it cost to make those videos? Was it really worth it to be that f*cking petty?

    I mean, just think about it. Instead of raising the wage, or literally anything else to better their employees’ lives, they spent money to make a series of condescending, misguided, and plain stupid videos to tell them that it THEIR fault they can’t live off low wages.

    That isn’t greed. Greed would require not doing anything that wastes money. This is pure spite.

  • nasani

    Stephen Colbert is simply brilliant!

  • trgahan

    Rhetorical, yet frustrating, question: Why are the opinions regarding poverty and wages coming from people who inherited their fortunes AND their jobs more “correct” than the opinions of people that actually have to make a living off those minimum wages?

    We’ll never have a productive conversation regarding poverty if we constantly have to start with assholes spouting that the poor are poor because they deserve it!

    • Felonious Grammar

      Yeah. And why do people who have millions and billions of dollars find it so hard to live off of their fortunes that they feel persecuted by taxes?