Cory Booker Elections Glenn Greenwald Racism

Cory Booker’s New Opponent

Glenn Greenwald.

Greenwald will reportedly appear in support of New Jersey Senate candidate Rush Holt tomorrow according to the Washington Post.

Holt is a sizable underdog in the Democratic Senate primary, which is just 15 days away. Polls show Booker, the mayor of Newark, in complete control of the race. Holt, who holds a PhD in physics, has embraced the role of quirky underdog, while seeking to underscore his liberal record and cast himself as a champion of civil liberties.

According to Greenwald, Cory Booker is a “Wall-St-controlled crony capitalism candidate” who is unconcerned with “mass spying”

There is a noticeable pattern emerging of Greenwald (along with other civil libertarians) placing himself in opposition to black people in politics. Whether it’s members of the administration, a majority of the blogosphere, virtually all of twitter, or up-and-coming politicians such as Cory Booker, Greenwald’s opposition is near-universal and his empathy is non-existent.

It’s debatable how long this trend among civil libertarians on the left and right can be viewed as a coincidence.

  • Milt Shook

    It’s not a coincidence at all. I don’t understand who is still convinced that Greenwald’s a liberal, anyway. He’s a (capital-L) Libetarian, who knows how to use left-wing buzzwords to attract attention. When has Greenwald ever advocated for a cause, really? When has he ever advocated for the poor, or minority rights, or women, really? His concept of civil rights has nothing to do with reality; it’s based on a paranoid fantasy that the government has the ability and the desire to spy on 310 million people just because they can.

    Greenwald’s no liberal, he just knows some liberal buzzwords and how to use them. Any “liberal” who follows this guy’s lead is just as gullible as any right winger…

    On the race thing. this is actually quite common among many far left white liberals, which is why Greenwald plays that card.. They stereotype all black liberals as Huey and Bobby and Malcolm X, and they seem to have no concept that different black people think differently about many things. His complaints about Booker are disingenuous on a number of levels. When Booker took over as mayor of Newark, it was devastated, economically, and he had to reach out to the people who had the money to help his city recover. Frankly, he did basically the same thing Bill Clinton did in the 1990s. But he’s excoriated for it by people like Greenwald, who expect black politicians to condemn financial institutions and – what? – refuse to take their money?

    Greenwald is no liberal. Not sure that he’s all that racist, but he does express a simple-minded view of race, because he’s trying to appeal to a certain group of libs, and that’s what they think most of the time.

    • CL Nicholson

      On the race thing. this is actually quite common among many far left white liberals, which is why Greenwald plays that card.. They stereotype all black liberals as Huey and Bobby and Malcolm X, and they seem to have no concept that different black people think differently about many things.

      Exactly, not all black liberals think or talk like Cornell West or Al Sharpton. Forget the fact that Booker has been one of the loudest voices on classic progressive causes (poverty, stop-and-frisk, etc). Its all about the NSA listening to phone calls and flying killer robots.

      But I would say that Greenwald is a racist but in that dude-bro quasi-oblivious nature common among libertarians. Black people don’t matter much in Greenwald’s world (or he’s actually discuss the virtual apartheid that Brazil Black majority lives under). He only gets concerned about Negroes when one dares to challenge his narrow and fantasy-based view point.

      But as others said – Corey Booker ain’t worried about some overrated Blogger. How many average Jerseyites actually read the Guardian? The only one I cna think two friends who care about this NSA stuff in the Garden Sate, and they’re hardcore Dude-Bro libertarians, so they wouldn’t vote for Booker if he someone paid them. Booker has POTUS, half the liberal media & Chris Christie as supporters – Greenwald is a gnat in comparison.

  • Vic78

    Is Greenwald mentally ill?

  • js hooper

    I’m black and a liberal…and I have extreme skepticism about Cory Booker. He really pissed me off with his attempts to undercut Pres.Obama’s messaging about Romney & Bain Capital.It was pure corporatist bullshit.

    That being said Greenwald is in no position to be lecturing people over who is a corporatist or not. A Ron / Rand Paul pimping Koch brothers affiliated…Citizens United supporting Libertarian just needs to STFU about Democrats not living up to his “standards”.

    You also make an excellent point about Greenwald & his firebagger Libertarian fan club opposing Black people in politics.Their agenda couldn’t be more obvious.

    • Vic78

      Booker’s tolerable as a senator compared to what the other party offers. I bet he’s against that filibuster fuckery that the old senators are enamored with. That’s one more senator interested in moving forward.

    • JarekAF

      Greenwald has nothing to do with the Koch brothers. He’s criticized them many times. He spoke a couple times at Cato (which is libertarian), including one instance, I saw in person, in which he discussed the successes of decriminalization of all drugs in Portugal. That is a very liberal policy. Considering we have by far the highest incarceration rate per capita in the world for drug offenses, I think he was right about that policy.

      Greenwald rails against the powerful being immune from the law, and the law being used to oppress the powerless. He’s on your (& our) side, whether you like it or not.

      • js hooper

        Here is Greenwald pictured with one of the Koch brothers. Greenwald was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at a Koch brothers Cato Fund Raiser.

        Cato was originally founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974.

        Greenwald has been a vocal supporter of the Koch’s agenda…including the Citizens United ruling.Greenwald has defended the Koch brothers from liberal / Democratic attacks numerous times.He dismissed the accusations as partisan smears. He tried to deflect attention away from the Koch Brothers and said that they were merely “boogie men”. He then proceeded to say that they were no different than George Soros, Unions or Hollywood.

        Greenwald is a libertarian ratfucker and a Koch Brothers agent. He is not now or has he ever been on my side. I am a black liberal Democrat. Greenwald hates my guts.

  • zagrobelny

    I’m not part of the anti Greenwald circle jerk on this site, but a lot of times you have a point. This time I really hope you are trolling. There are lots of reasons to dislike a Wall Street tool like Cory Booker. Remember his defense of Bain Capital during the election? I guess not. Claiming that a progressive like Greenwald doesn’t support Booker because of his race is just as stupid and demagogic as when wingnuts claim we don’t support Allen West because of his race. All of you, the writer, the commenters, the editors of this website, should be ashamed for entertaining this sad farce.

    • JarekAF

      God, they love to hate on Greenwald here. I love stopping by every now and then to take the temperature.

      I think Greenwald supports Holt because Holt’s been right about the Patriot Act and Booker is in the pocket of Wall Street. I don’t think we need to find a secret animus towards black folk.

    • JimmyAbra

      I didn’t think Booker was exactly Pro-Bain, per se,but just not knee-jerk anti-Vcaps. So I think his defense of Bain was more of lukewarm defense for things that vcaps can do but not the shady side of how they can do it…Remember the Federal Govt can be seen as a public VCap…So, any politician going against it would be a hypocrite to do programs, such as green ventures, where they give money to companies trying to find better energy alternative.

  • missliberties

    The new Ralph Nader. Glenn Greenwald. Pathetic piece of white trash.

  • roxsteady1

    Wait? I thought he lived in Venezuela? If it’s Brazil, than may I suggest that he go swimming in Recife? Fans of Shark week will get why!

    • Vic78

      It’s Brazil.

  • roxsteady1

    Greewald is a pathetic asswipe. Unlike Greenwald who lives in Venezuela, I live in New Jersey and won’t be voting for Holt. I don’t dislike Holt but, he’s got no shot at winning and it will be nice to have an elected African American Senator. Oh, and Greenwald has traded barbs with Melissa Harris-Perry and Joy Ann Reid as well as constantly trashing the President. Make of that what you will. Greenwald is a dick!

  • Vic78

    I doubt Cory Booker is losing sleep over Greenwald. Why can’t the guy just enjoy his swinger parties in Brazil and leave the U.S. alone?

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Because some people just want to see the world burn to the ground. Or at leat America in Greenwald’s case.

      • Victor_the_Crab

        Wish I could get rid of the fucking second picture! >:(

        • mrbrink

          You have a keen eye for art.

          I like how the dual coloring and attention to texture and lines are still more vivid and subdued than 85% of what Greenwald writes about.

      • Lady Willpower

        And Israel. And the U.K.

  • FlipYrWhig

    I like Holt and am “meh” at best on Booker, but Holt’s willingness to cuddle up to Greenwald bothers me. And how often does Greenwald purport to care about the influence of Wall Street? I don’t remember it as A Thing for him. I mean, he defended the Citizens United ruling, FFS.

    • JMAshby

      I mean, he defended the Citizens United ruling, FFS.

    • missliberties

      Exactly. Strike against Holt in my book. But I don’t live in NJ.

  • Tim Howlett

    Saying Greenwald is (consciously or subconsciously) placing himself in opposition to black people seems like a reach to me. To be clear, I generally detest Greenwald for his purity requirements and style; as such, nothing would make me happier than finding something impure with him. So, can you cite other specific examples of this? I’m genuinely curious. You mention, blogosphere, twitter, etc – but I think an accusation like this deserves significantly more evidence.

    • JMAshby

      This Week in Blackness, The Grio, Ebony Magazine, virtually any majority African American publication. Gross insults to editors, mainstream commentators ,and guest-hosts such as Joy Reid and Goldie Taylor. The President. Eric Holder. Now Cory Booker. If you happen to be both black and a woman, there’s a very high chance that he finds you contemptible. Hey may even accuse you of apologizing for rape there’s also his day to day silence on issues of social justice in favor of “civil liberties”

      There is a pattern of callousness at best.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Not familiar with the details of Greenwald’s writings or opinions (what I see here regarding them leaves me completely uninterested in spending time reading his stuff). But does he behave similarly toward any whites?

        • missliberties

          You sound very ‘concerned’.

          • Christopher Foxx

            “Curious” would be more accurate (and far less forcing something to fit a preconception).

            If Greenwald is obnoxious and disrespectful to everyone, then seems to me you can’t really single out his disrespect to black folks and suggest he’s a racist. So, acknowledging my lack of familiarity with him, I asked. That’s not trying to excuse anything. That’s trying to understand what is true.

          • missliberties

            For someone that doesn’t read Glenn’s writings, and who doesn’t concern themselves all that much with his views, other than just ‘curiosity’, you sure spend a lot of time defending him passive aggressive long winded intellectual sounding word salads, disguised as a quest for the ‘truth’.

          • Christopher Foxx

            you sure spend a lot of time defending him passive aggressive long winded intellectual sounding word salads

            First, uh, no. I actually skip most articles here that mention him.

            Second, I didn’t realize basic English is confusing for you. Next time around I’ll use shorter words.

          • missliberties

            Thanks. Keep it simple for us stupid people!!

        • Bubble Genius

          He may seem like an equal-opportunity douchebag, but he tends to throw an extra helping of condescension in when talking to non-dudebros. I think he generally just blocks white men who disagree with him on Twitter.

          • Christopher Foxx

            Thanks, Bubble.

      • Tim Howlett

        Thanks… I clicked thru a few links off of your link and found some more interesting stuff. I hate to negate people by labeling them, but for efficiency’s sake, it seems very safe to say that Greenwald is a Libertarian in a Liberal’s clothing. Supporting Ron Paul & Gary Johnson, not giving a $hit about economic issues, and general extremism all make him a colossal douche.