Abortion Open Thread War On Women

Defund Obamacare Or Else

Hostage Crisis

Artist – Bob Gorrell

In other news, two clinics that provide abortions are already facing closure as a result of the restrictions recently signed into law by Ohio Governor John Kasich.

One abortion clinic in Toledo, the Center for Choice, shut down in mid-June after failing to meet the new requirements. And a second Toledo-area clinic, Capital Care Women’s Center, is now facing the same fate. After both clinics close, the fourth most populous city in Ohio won’t have a single abortion provider.

It’s a fiction.

  • Brutlyhonest

    “two clinics that provide abortions” Thank you for refusing to use their terminology!

  • Christopher Foxx

    When a politician says “Oh, that won’t be a consequence of this bill”, as several have recently when they’ve passed bills increase restrictions but aren’t (they blatantly and obviously lie) aimed at closing abortion clinics, I wish someone on the other side would stand up and call them on it.

    “OK, if your bill won’t result in the closing of health clinics, let’s make sure of that. Let’s add in a provision that if this law does “inadvertently” cause health clinics to close that the law will be automatically repealed. After all, you say closed clinics won’t be a consequence, so adding that provision shouldn’t ever have to be used, so you shouldn’t have any objection to including it.”