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Devil’s Advocate

Todd Starnes of Fox News called President Obama the “race-baiter in chief” today and CNN decided to play devil’s advocate and repeat the question.


Is President Obama the “race-baiter in chief?” Let’s get some instant reaction from both sides.

(via Judd Legum)

  • D_C_Wilson

    Though I rarely watch CNN, I caught part of that segment earlier. What was striking to me was that the republican on the panel immediately went to the “Obama is divider and not the uniter he promised he would be.”

    I wanted to reach through the TV and throttle that man. Instead I just walked away. It takes balls the size of asteroids for one of the people who took a blood oath in early 2009 to oppose anything Obama tries to do (even if it was originally their idea), never negotiate with him in good faith, and generally do everything they can to undermine his authority, to then turn around and blame him for being a “divider.”

  • eljefejeff

    I’m so glad the president spoke up on this.

    I actually believe this case had less to do with race than with florida’s dangerous gun laws. But the reaction is completely based in race. Pretty much every white conservative believe this kid had what was coming to him, and mostly because of his race, but I think even if he was a shaggy haired white hippie kid, they’d be almost as unsympathetic. Anyone who’s different than their perfect leave it to beaver 50s vision is 2nd class status, and obviously worse if you’re a different color.