Abortion War On Women

Governor Pat McCrory Reverses Himself, Will Sign Abortion Bill

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory claimed that he would not sign the state Republican party’s new restrictions on abortion when they were attached to a Sharia Law bill, but now that the restrictions have been attached to a Motorcycle safety bill, he will sign it.

From the Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s governor says he will sign a new version of a bill that raises standards for abortion clinics into law if it reaches his desk.

Gov. Pat McCrory announced his decision Friday, two days after he threatened to veto the previous legislation for how it addressed raising standards for abortion clinics through rules similar to outpatient surgery centers. The House changed the language to satisfy McCrory’s health and human services department.

McCrory says the version that passed the House on Thursday will ensure women’s safety and not limit their access to abortion.

It’s for your own safety, ladies. So say the menfolk in charge.

By the way, the title of the motorcycle safety bill includes 17 words regarding motorcycle safety and 123 words on abortion. I shit you not.

via TPM


Abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, and safe driving!

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    I wonder how many of those supposed “middle of the road” voters are going to explain why they voted for a Republican in North Carolina now? After Bush II and the Tea Party, “I didn’t know how awful he would really be, he was a mayor of a liberal city.” is kind of dead as an excuse.

    • cleos_mom

      What I’m wondering is when the “feminism is outdated” fantasy is going to be seriously challenged. When the movement that got women the rights we currently have is treated like a dotty elderly aunt who comes to Thanksgiving dinner wearing her underwear as a hat, it’s not surprising that mysogynists in public office will take advantage of it. And frankly, I doubt that protestations of the ‘I’ve never had any problem with sexism’ variety are going to become rare anytime soon.

      • blackdaug

        As with all of these political / social issues, there is going to have to be a broad recognition at some point that this is not “climbing a mountain”,…. it is a long protracted never ending “tug of war”….and the other side is not going to drop the rope….ever….until it successfully drags us back to 1860.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Bob, why would you refer to something that has that as its title (“…abortion … abortion … abortion … abortion … abortions … motorcyclists.”) as a “motorcycle safety bill”?

  • muselet

    A white, middle-aged, male, fetus fetishist, R governor will abandon a campaign promise and sign into law a bill restricting abortion that was written by white, middle-aged, male, fetus fetishist, R legislators.

    Why, you could knock me over with a proverbial.


  • Teddy’s Person

    I am so over the top sick of the desire of (mostly) white, male conservatives to take away my right to control my body by any means necessary. Fuck you is all I got.