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House GOP Delays Immigration Bill

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that comprehensive immigration reform will be signed into law this year if ever.

House Republicans are reportedly delaying the release of their version of immigration reform until after the Summer recess.

If you’re waiting for the House of Representatives to produce a comprehensive immigration bill, you can go ahead and book that August trip to the beach.

A bipartisan group of seven lawmakers drafting a bill has agreed to push back the release of its long-awaited legislation until at least September, Politico reported on Wednesday.

After House Republicans reveal their proposal in September, there’s no guarantee that a vote on it will take place in a timely manner or even take place at all. And as you know, Congress will take several breaks over the Holiday season that will further limit the time allotted for House Republicans to decide if they will vote on it or not. Furthermore, even if they do vote for immigration reform, it probably won’t include a path to citizenship, meaning the Senate will not approve of it.

It’s hard to see this going anywhere.

  • mrbrink

    Lazy House Republicans who complain about America’s freeloading immigrants and minorities are taking their time working on their own immigration bill called, “The Repeal Of Obamacare, Abortions, Corporate Taxes, SNAP, Obamacare, ACORN, Gay Marriage And Dirty Illegal Aliens Reform Act.”

    “The Path to Pain and Poverty.”

    “We Only Want The Good Ones Act.”

    “One Strapping Mexican To Every Southern White Household Reform Act.”

    “The End Of The Hispanic Vote Act.”

  • Vic78

    The GOP thinks people are stupid. This ain’t the easily misled middle class they’re dealing with. Latinos have the numbers to give the hammer back to Pelosi.